What Zombies Learn in School

Lesson No. 08: How to Defend Yourself from Hostile Humans

Teaching some defensive strategies will also be prioritized in zombie schools to prevent total annihilation. Thought reproduction is quite fast, preventing annihilation would still be needed. Most humans are hostile and you know that they can hit any zombie just about anywhere using just about anything. Such cruel hostile humans. In order to prevent this from happening, some defensive strategies will be taught such as:

  • Wobbling – defensive move to promote missed hits; effective against blunt weapons
  • Protecting of the head – use of helmets to protect the head; headshots mean death; might be a little effective against shooting weapons such as arrows and bullets
  • Disarming hostile humans – learn the art of disarming weapons from humans
  • Staying in horde – remember the horde is strong and terrifying, it will be your best defense

Lesson No. 09: How to Keep Your Body Parts Attached

Like mentioned earlier, there are instances when deterioration may just happen. This is not good and something must be done about this. If you lose your leg, your walking will turn into crawling and chances are humans may even shoot you in the head, dead. So, lesson number 9 will discuss about how you can keep your zombie body parts attached. These will include:

  • Use of bandages or any strappy material for already broken parts.
  • Wear a jumpsuit or an overall.
  • Avoid hitting objects heedlessly for zombies’ sake! You cannot take the thick wall and cyclone wires alone.

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