What Zombies Learn in School

Lesson No. 06: How to Hunt the Measly Humans

After lesson 01, zombie students will probably need some brain supply. However, these are never going to be sold out in any mall or store, so what to do? Never worry as the zombie school has a solution for that. Lesson number 06 – how to hunt the measly humans. Yes, this is included, too! This lesson will give all the details needed on how to capture the measly humans, when to best attack, and what horde formation must be followed – all in the name of brains.

Lesson No. 07: How to Spot Human Hiding Places

Up next, how to spot the human hiding places. Since there will be some training in human hunting, it would also be an important know the human whereabouts. Humans know they are extinct and they will hide as much as they can to survive. Fortunately, expert Humanologist exist in zombie schools. Humanologists are zombies who are expert in human living and lifestyle. These experts will shed the light on where the common human hiding spots are. These hiding spots may include fortified fortresses, prisons, tall buildings and houses, and even underground hideouts. The latter may be a bit difficult for the average zombie.

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