What Zombies Learn in School

Lesson No. 04: How to Reproduce Like Crazy

Zombies, as everyone else knows about, do not need to make some sweet lovin’ just to reproduce. They do not need to wait 9 months in order for their little one to be born and they do not need to wait for years just to grow. Heck, zombies do not even have parents. That is the old ways that they have followed when they were still human. Now that they have transformed as zombies, all they need to do is give a ferocious little bite in any part of the human body and that will do the trick. In just minutes or hours, you can welcome a fresh… erm… rotting new zombie to the team. Anyone, young and old can be a zombie! They retain their ages, but well, their flesh just deteriorate – but only a little every once in a while.

Lesson No. 05: How to Socialize with the Other Zombies

Another lesson to learn is about socializing. The golden rule to follow? “Always go with the horde.” Even as zombies, teamwork is still the best if you want to socialize and survive the zombie life. Just do not expect a chatty Patty to be around. Everyone is in deep thinking regarding the great purpose of their very existence and all they need is a little like about the horde is some protection and bonding with the others.
Moreover, since zombies would be walking quite slower than before, and probably slowest when they are already deteriorating, it is a must to always go with the horde. The horde is horrifying! The horde is powerful! The horde can simply send any man with a gun, running. Therefore, for freshmen in the zombie life, never leave the horde.

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