What Zombies Learn in School

Lesson No. 02: How to Walk Like a Zombie

Next lesson in the curriculum – how to walk like a zombie. Well, being a zombie is not your typical fast-paced lifestyle. The zombie population walks really slowly. This is a basic zombie know-how and even humans are aware of this. So, how do you walk like one? Just simply put any foot forward and drag the other one in place. Do this really slowly and you are half way to becoming a full pledged zombie.

Lesson No. 03: How to Growl and Stare Like a Zombie

Being a zombie is not easy, as it may seem, you also need to practice and be good at the zombie growl and the blank zombie stare. Humans need to fear them so they must learn how to growl and send the humans into hiding, but it should not be too loud like that of a bear or a lion. Just a grunting little growl would suffice. And, the blank zombie stares? This one may be difficult. No eyeball rolling and definitely no blinking, just pure blank stares and this must be done whilst they walk. Effort!!!

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