What Zombies Learn in School

What if zombies were real and what if they make up the majority of the current population and humans go into hiding? Creepy! It would be a complete riot out there and you know how zombies can get to be so unruly and heedless. So, another “what if”, what if zombies go to school? Hilarious, right? But what if they really did? What will they be learning in school?

Lesson No. 01: How to Eat Like a Zombie

The first lesson would be about table manners – how to eat like a zombie. Yes, even zombies have table manners! This lesson will especially be geared towards the newbies in the horde and the unruly greedy ones. In this lesson, young zombies will be taught on how what the best human part to eat and that is the most exquisite brain. It is the caviar for the zombie population. Some muscles might also be good for a snack. Young zombies will even be taught on how to crack open a skull using any sharp or blunt object. For this activity, sharing will be optional.

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