12 different ways of saying you are beautiful

Words can sometimes be overused. This will eventually lead to loss of value or meaning. This applies to saying to a person that she is beautiful. So, to bring back the emotion or to make her feel that you are sincere in saying that she is beautiful, find ways on how to say it differently so she will appreciate it. Here are some ways of saying it.

  1. Whisper it.

Using the words, “You are beautiful” may not appear too meaningful when said straight, so why not try whispering it in her ears. It is sweeter that way. Say it during the times you are only alone together or when the fireworks during the New Year celebration are popping out. You will surely make her year worth remembering. However, using this technique may only be applicable to your wife or girlfriend since, saying, “You are beautiful” to a friend through whispering may imply that you like her romantically.
You are Beautiful

  1. Say it using other languages.

Search for different languages that you can use to say, “You are beautiful” and tell it to girls that you find beautiful instead of using your native language. She will surely be delighted knowing you remembered all of those. Just make sure it is truly what you mean to say, or else, you will disappoint the girl you will tell it to. Also, practice the accent of the languages to make it sound more admirable and sincere.

  1. Use unique descriptions.

Using appropriate sentences is good, but using sentences beyond normal is much better during this time. You can say things like, “How did a beautiful angel like you come down here?” or “Your smile truly lights up my room, that is why I keep pictures of you”. You can say it to your girlfriend, but saying it to a friend you admire can also be very moving.

  1. Tell it after staying silent while intently looking at her.

You can have so many romantic times with the girl you love and you can use that chance to say she is beautiful. A perfect time is when you are on a beach or some quiet places. Just keep silent for a while and intently look at her beautiful face. When she asked you once or twice why you are staring, do not answer. Only answer her after her third or fourth time in asking. You can even say that you were mesmerized by her beauty.

  1. Make a poem.

There are times that words may be enough to move a person. You can create an original poem if the girl you like loves reading. For sure, she will appreciate your effort in doing so. If you are not too good, you can try searching and make your own based on your searches. This takes too much effort, though. But girls love effort so much.

  1. Be specific.

If a girl is stunningly beautiful, she may not appreciate it as much if you tell her that she is beautiful. Why? Because she gets the, “You are beautiful” compliment often. To be unique, say specific things to her like saying what the things you really liked about her are. Tell her if she has sparkling eyes, cute laugh, or a wonderful smile that has made you fall in love. Also, compliment her hair, her outfit, and her eye color – those unique things that make her truly beautiful inside and out.

  1. Tell it in ordinary days.

Some men only appreciate the beauty of a lady when she dressed up for an occasion or have makeup, so if you want her to feel more loved, utter those words even when she is not at her best. These occasions may include her having no makeup at all or just wearing ordinary and simple day outfits. This means more and it enhances their confidence and it can make them feel that they are really beautiful.

  1. Use a shirt with a tag line.

At times you will get together, wear a shirt that says, “Oh my, I am with the most beautiful girl in the world!” You can customize it and place her name on the back so she will know that you are not using it to describe other girls. She will surely be flattered. In addition, you can use her favorite color so she will find it cuter.

  1. Tell it in social media.

Well, some may say that saying it personally is better, but you know what, saying it for the world to know is a lot more meaningful to other girls. Post that on her timeline so others can also see you saying those to her. It will surely make her feel that you are truly sincere since you are letting everybody knows that you appreciate her beauty. That also gives her the assurance that you are not just fooling her out.

  1. Sing a song.

Almost all girls love it when boys sing them a song. It makes them feel very beautiful. It boosts up their self-confidence since they know only a few will take effort to sing for the one he loves and finds beautiful. Sing a song about admiring her, or it could be better if you can make your own composition to make it more meaningful. That could be the sweetest thing you can do. If you cannot sing, still try it for her. Women love to see men taking the effort to do things he commonly would not do for others.

  1. Let her go confused and worried at first.

Seriously open up a conversation with her. You can say at first that you need to ask a very serious question to her and as much as possible she must answer it faithfully. Just by saying those lines will make her feel worried and confused. So ask her immediately, “Why are you very beautiful?” That can make her hate you a little, but in a cute way, and afterwards she will love you a thousand fold.

  1. Be sweet.

She will believe that what you are saying is true when you say it in a sweeter way that she may never expect. You can give her a greeting card saying she is beautiful, or a flower with a greeting card. You can also place notes on her phone saying the same thing and let her notice it by herself later on. You can also buy a cake with those words printed on it during ordinary days or say it in front of so many people using a microphone when you have the chance to.