Oculus Go Game Reviews – Wonderglade

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1692021557498395/?locale=en_GB

I am kind of surprised that there are not more games like Wonderglade on the Oculus Go. This is a collection of mini-games and the idea is that you are at a whimsical amusement park and you have a series of attractions to take part in. As I write this there are six attractions for you to experience. The game did start with only four so it looks like they could add even more at a later date which is pretty neat.

As this is an amusement park the whole reason that you are playing these different attractions is to win tickets. Anyone who has been to any kind of fun fair or carnival is going to be able to relate to this. When you get tickets, you can use these to buy items that you can then use in the attractions. For example, mini golf was my favorite game so I saved up so that I could get a fancy new putter.

Now let’s get onto the games. The first one I want to talk about is Hamster Hoops. As you would expect this is a basketball game where you need to throw the ball in the hoop as many times as you can. The fact that you are surrounded by hamsters makes Hamster Hopps pretty darn awesome in my book. Tinder Town is one of those classic water shooting carnival games. Here you need to have an eagle eye aim as you put out the fires that are all over the place.

Magic Mayhem is what I feel is the “flagship” game for Wonderglade. In this one, you are a wizard and need to use your wand to smash crystals and find clocks so that you can keep on playing. Tip & Tilt Racing is a cutesy game where you need to tip and rotate the table to get the little animals to fall down the holes. This by a mile is my least favorite of all the games. I kind of dig the cute style, but I found it kind of boring.

Tiny Tee Golf is the game I had the most fun with. This is classic, carnival style mini golf and the controls I thought worked out pretty great. For a “mini-game” Tiny Tee Golf has a full nine holes for you to try your luck at. The final game to talk about is Bistro Basher. The way to look at Bistro Basher is kind of like those what a mole style game. Instead of moles though you are destroying French cuisine!

I found that the controls in Wonderglade for all of the games worked quite well for the most part. You just use the Oculus Go controller and I found that it worked very well. It did sometimes get lost, but I never found it game breaking or anything like that. The presentation of Wonderglade does give the impression that it is aimed at a younger audience, but I really do not have any problems with that.

Overall, I think that Wonderglade is a fun experience you are getting six mini-games and you can download the whole game for free which I think is a great deal. The quest for tickets to unlock attractions and items is really addictive and while it is a little “shallow” I have found myself coming back to this quite a few times, especially for the Tiny Tee Golf game.


The whimsical presentation is pretty fun

Six different attractions for you to enjoy

The motion controls work way better than you would think

Earning tickets is very addictive

It is free!


Some may be put off by the “kiddie” style

Some of the games are super short