Oculus Rift Game Reviews – The Morrigan

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2027380550714273/?locale=en_GB

I have played a ton of games for the Oculus Rift that claim to offer the most immersive combat around, but I must admit that The Morrigan is one of the best. The people behind the game wanted to make the best VR swordplay that they could and while it has some serious competition on the Oculus Rift, this is a really fun and exciting and even addictive game.

Before we get right into what The Morrigan is offering, I must inform you that this as of right now is still in early access. So, there is not exactly a ton to do on the game yet, but what is here is fun and it shows a lot of promise for what is to come in the coming months. There are a few levels available for you to smash your way through and there is a battle arena mode too.

I would best describe this game as a dungeon crawler. You get quests to go on, but the basics are you are just going to be smashing anything creature that comes your way into a million pieces. The game is rather basic, but man it is so, so satisfying. The swordplay (there are some great weapons in this game by the way) is great. I loved how the physics worked and the most recent update they did really added some weight to when you smash an enemy with your weapon. As much as I like the melee combat, the ranged combat needs some work as I feel the aiming is a little off.

The way the combat works best for me is similar to other similarly styled games. I like to parry and then lay into an enemy. It may sound like it is shallow, but there is far more skill here than you would think. I love having a weapon on each shoulder and when it works and you reach for your sword and just slash away, it feels fantastic, but this does not always work as smoothly as I would like.

So far, you can get through the game pretty quickly, but there is a never-ending battle arena where you can destroy hordes of enemies. This is a great stress reliever and something I had a great deal of fun with. So, while there is not a huge amount of content in The Morrigan just yet, I am very, very excited to see what is coming here.

The game has plenty of movement options for you, I do not really suffer from motion sickness so I jumped right in with the standard movement. If this is not for you, you can teleport or mess around with the settings to get it more comfortable for you. Even in this somewhat early stage, I am very impressed with how smooth and clean the visuals are, a few more enemy types would be great, but so far so good in terms of the game’s presentation.

I think that The Morrigan is shaping up to be a great dungeon crawler for the Oculus Rift. I am not sure it is worth jumping into for a casual player in its current state. However, if combat-heavy dungeon crawler style games are what you enjoy, you can go and have a great time with this game.


I love the presentation of the game

The swordplay is very satisfying

I like the different weapons

You have some fun quests to do

Battle arena mode is awesome


The grabbing weapons thing does not always work

The game is still not finished

Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Journey of the Gods

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1853479764707533/?locale=en_US

If the name Journey of the Gods sounds familiar to you that is probably because this was actually originally released as a pretty big Oculus Quest title when the Quest first launched. One of the cool things that the guys and gals at Turtle Rock Studios did with Journey of the Gods was to make it cross-compatible, hence why we are seeing how it performs on the Oculus Rift today. Will the extra horsepower of the Oculus Rift make a difference?

Ok, so let’s start with the story. You play as a character who is sent on their way to learn various powers of the gods. This is not for your own vanity, but to save the fate of the world from destruction! It is a decent enough story and it does at the very least keep you moving forward and it does give you a clear motivation for doing the things that you are doing so in that regard I must admit that the story does work.

Journey of the Gods for Oculus Rift is actually a single-player game. It is an RPG and a pretty damn fine one at that. The game is not open world which is a bit disappointing as you move from area to area. To be fair though, the different areas in the game are a decent enough size so there is still plenty of exploration for you to do. However, if they make a sequel to this, larger areas or even if they can manage an open world is something, I feel is a must.

The game has what you would expect from an RPG. You have to solve various puzzles, defeat monsters, bosses and of course level up and upgrade your equipment as well. It may sound like a pretty straightforward kind of RPG, but it is actually a lot of fun. The fact that this game is in VR makes it stand out from more in-depth RPG’s such as Skyrim and lighter RPG’s such as The Legend of Zelda, I would put this game right in the middle of those two actually.

Now let us talk about the presentation. On the Oculus Quest, Journey of the Gods is already a great looking game. Turtle Rock Studios were very smart and went for a very polished pretty much cell-shaded kind of art style and it fits this world they have created perfectly. The thing with an art style like this is that there is not really much you can do to improve it and that is the case here. I would say that the game ran a tad better on the Oculus Rift, but this could have just been me seeing things! As far as the visuals go, it looks just like it does on the Quest, but I do not mean that in a negative way at all. If there are any differences, they must have been subtle enough that I did not notice them.

If you want a fun RPG experience for your Oculus Rift (or other Oculus device) you really cannot go wrong with Journey of the Gods here. It is a really fun adventure and while it is not doing anything groundbreaking in the world of RPG’s I still had a great time with it and it is a nice and long adventure that will keep you entertained for many hours.


I really like the art style

Plenty of abilities you can use and upgrade

Some of the puzzles are really tricky

The combat is a great deal of fun

The controls work like a charm


It is not as open world as I would have liked

I could not see any improvements in the visuals

Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Blade & Sorcery

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2472374902778951/?locale=en_GB

As I write this Blade & Sorcery for the Oculus Rift is a game that is still in early access. So, you have to keep that in mind before you throw down your 15 bucks to check it out. The idea of a VR focused medieval game that has a combat system that is developed with VR and immersion in mind is certainly something I was very interested in.

You pick from one of the three maps that the game has to offer. You then need to pick your loadout. This is a selection of melee-based weapons such as swords, spears, and axes. It is kind of cool how you can have them behind your back and on your hips. You also have a magic attack that you can use. You then pick the difficulty you want and the wave of enemies and then you fight. That as of now is all there is to Blade & Sorcery on the Oculus Rift, but man is it a ton of fun!

This is the best melee combat I have experienced in a VR game. The tracking is just perfect, you have full control over your weapons and it allows you to be more precise than in any other VR game around right now. Blocking one attacker with your sword and then stabbing another through the chest with your spear is very satisfying. The game does go for realistic character models which due to the way they act and the physics work are quite realistic so I can see some people having a hard time with this.

The game throws enemies at you at a pretty quick rate, but disposing of them is very satisfying and fun. The combat is brutal, I found stabbing someone with a spear to be particularly nasty! The magic attacks I feel need some work, but still zapping someone with electricity does help mix things up. You can also slow down time which is very handy when you have four or so people trying to cut off your head! It also makes the violence even more brutal and hard-hitting.

I am very interested to see what is going to be added to the game. From what I know, more maps, weapons, and abilities are said to be added soon so that is awesome. I would love to see what else they have in store, such as a campaign and a bit of story linking all the death and violence together. It looks decent enough right now, but I am sure there is more polish to come.

Overall, Blade & Sorcery for Oculus Rift is a great time. It is the kind of game you can fire up and just take your frustrations of the day out on. It is very well made and the combat really is second to none. I cannot wait to see what these guys come up with next as this engine they have created is something very special.


The best VR melee combat around

Slowing down time is fun

Using the spear is brutal!

While not many maps, they are all different

I like the realistic approach


It may be a bit violent for some

A little light on content right now