Oculus Go Game Reviews – VR Carts: Sprint

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/727513797376784/  

Since Mario and his buddies took the world by storm in 1992. Kart racing games have become insanely popular. VR Carts: Sprint is hoping to capture just a little bit of that magic and let me tell you if they do, we are all in for a treat. Just one thing to note before we start, this is a game that does require you to have a controller so please keep that in mind before you purchase the game.

The first thing that I have to say about VR Carts: Sprint is that the game is all played in the first person and that is super cool. It is done really, really well. You have mirrors that you use to look behind you and the sense of immersion is done very well. I was actually very impressed with the VR in this game and it really did make me feel like I was in the race.

You do have to complete a little bit of a tutorial, but it does not take you to long and it does teach you how to play the game very well. Once you have done this you can then enjoy what the game has in store for you. If you are playing the game from a single player point of view you can jump into some championships. These are what you would expect and if you have taken part in a Mario Kart GP you know exactly what to expect. The only issue I have with these is that there is no way to know what place you are in, the lap you are on or the place the other racers are in.

You can also jump online and play some multiplayer with up to three other players. The online works very well and I never noticed any lag the whole time I was playing it. The lobbies are nice and easy to navigate and I really did enjoy playing with other people online.

The racing action is pretty fun and you do have a good selection of weapons to use. These range from things like missiles that you can use to blast a person in front so that you can zoom past them. To a lightning bolt that will screw up a person’s steering and make things very hard for them. There are boosts on the tracks and in general, it is clear that Mario Kart was clearly the inspiration for the game.

The presentation is pretty good, but I do wish there was a little more variety to the tracks. The different championships have their own style, but all of the tracks are kind of samey. This is a bit harsh to criticize the game for, but just a few more unique tracks would have really made VR Carts: Sprint more fun.

VR Carts: Sprint is a really fun game. It does have a few mixed reviews out there, but those reviews tend to compare the game to Mario Kart. While it is clearly inspired by Mario Kart, straight up comparing it to it is really unfair. It is a fun game and one that is very easy to pick up and play. It would be really awesome to see if this game gets a sequel as it would be interesting to see how far they can take this.


The actual racing is really fun

Lots of weapons for you to use

You really feel like you are in the race

Online mode works really well

The game is easy to pick up and play


When you crash you come to a near full stop

A few framerate issues