Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Vader Immortal: Episode I

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2108775495884888/?locale=en_GB

There are certain franchises that are just tailor-made for VR and Vader Immortal: Episode I proves that Star Wars is one of these. This game is actually a pretty big deal as right now it is the killer app and the big exclusive for the Oculus Quest. If the game remains an Oculus Quest exclusive is still up in the air right now. However, as of right now if you want to serve Lord Vader in VR, you need an Oculus Quest to do it.

The first thing of note about Vader Immortal: Episode I is that it was actually created by ILM and not just a random game company. As a result, the game has a real authenticity about it that Star Wars fans will just eat up. Honestly, I was as giddy as a school girl the whole time I was playing this and I am 37 years old. They absolutely nailed the world of Star Wars with this.

The idea of the game is that Darth Vader has found out that there is an artifact on Mustafar and that can make him immortal. You play as a prisoner who just so happens to be part of a bloodline that can get this artifact. This leads you to being sent on a quest to get the artifact for Darth Vader. The story is actually really, really cool and it has a ton of atmosphere and I was pretty much in from the moment it started.

Vader Immortal: Episode I works wonderfully well with the Oculus Quest as there are no wires to get in your way. The controllers work very well, but being able to easily turn around gives you a real sense of immersion. As does the world they have created here. You actually do feel like you are in a Star Wars movie and it is awesome. There is a droid that accompanies you which I thought was pretty fun and hilarious.

I will say that due to the rather modest horsepower of the Oculus Quest that Vader Immortal: Episode I is not the best-looking game as far as the textures go. However, they have done more than enough here to make you actually feel like you are in this world so that is great. Exploring is great and all, but what you really want to know about is the combat!

Using a lightsaber in VR works so much better than you can imagine. You have enemies that come to you from different directions and this does keep you on your toes. There is a bit of patience required, but then you can really let loose and swing that lightsaber. I am actually very impressed that they were able to nail the lightsaber aspect of the game right with this first entry in the series.

As the name, Vader Immortal: Episode I suggests this is only one episode of the game. I think you are looking at 40 – 60 minutes to beat the story. There is an extra mode though which is a challenge mode where you can practice the art of the Jedi. This is actually really cool and something I have had a great deal of fun with.

I know that some may look at the price tag and say the game is too short. I though feel that Vader Immortal: Episode I is one of the best VR experiences I have had in 2019. I wondered how they could ever do better than the VR mission in Star Wars Battlefront. Well, they did, this is the ultimate Star Wars VR experience and it is a must own game if you have an Oculus Quest.


You are serving Lord Vader

The Story is fantastic

Great use of VR

Very immersive

Lightsaber battles are truly epic


Some of the textures are a little rough in places

How long will we have to wait for episode 2?