Oculus Go Game Reviews – Ultrawings VR

Image credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1341671792523028/

I have long wanted a game like Pilotwings for the Oculus Go and while Ultrawings may not be exactly like Pilotwings. I do feel that currently, this is one of the most fun flying games that you can play in VR.

Let me start by first saying that I love the presentation for this game. It has a real cartoony look to it and I actually really like this. I know that VR is all about “reality” however, it is nice when something actually tries to look like a video game rather than being ultra-realistic.

The idea of Ultrawings is that you need to pilot different kinds of aircraft. These range from a little glider to a stunt plane! Each of the four different planes that you will be using has its own strengths and weaknesses and just because you have mastered one does not mean you will be a wiz right away at the others. I found this very interesting and actually I felt that the learning curve was just right.

As I have never actually flown a plane (that is what VR is for!) I cannot say how “realistic” Ultrawings is, but I can tell you that it is a lot of fun. There are four islands in the game that you will be flying around and in order to progress you will have to complete various missions. The missions that you have to do are a lot of fun. These range from flying a stunt plane and pulling off tricks, shooting down balloons in a cool looking fighter plane and showing off your skills by successfully flying through a series of rings. You earn money in the game which you can use to buy new airports and planes so it is very addictive.

The variety of the missions certainly gave me a very Pilotwings feel while I was playing this. I found some missions easier than others, but I never had any trouble actually controlling the game. I used the standard Oculus Go controls, but you can use an actual controller with this game if you like.

As this is a VR game I feel I have to tell you about the way the game makes you feel. Looking around as you are flying is really, really cool. It is so very well done and I would think that if you are someone who tends to get a little motion sick from your VR gaming, Ultrawings may take a little while to get used to.

I had a fantastic time with Ultrawings and while it costs around ten bucks I do feel that the asking price is more than fair. You are getting a lot of gameplay here and above all else, it is a really fun game. I love how it does not take itself too serious like most other flight games do. This one here is all about having fun flying cool planes! I am sure if you are someone who is into planes, you will get an even bigger kick out of this game than I did.


The cartoony art style is really cool

The controls are great

A very nice progression system

Four different kinds of airplane to learn

The different missions are a lot of fun


It may cause motion sickness

Some players have reported issues with saving their game (I never had this issue though)