Oculus Go Game Reviews – Toy Clash

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1407846952568081/?locale=en_GB

Toy Clash is the kind of game that at first glance may seem like it is only for hardcore strategy fans. Well, that is not actually the case at all. What we have here is one of the most fun, interesting, exciting and accessible strategy style games that you can currently play on your Oculus Go.

The first thing that I have to talk about is the presentation. I love the whole idea behind Toy Clash. Many other games have done the whole “toys to life” thing before, but I think that Toy Clash as a lot of personality in regards to the way that it goes about it. You are sitting on your desk and the whole desk is your battlefield. You can really imagine that you are sitting in some kid’s room, at some kid’s desk as you play this.

I really like how accessible Toy Clash is. I would say that the game is part real time strategy and part tower defense in terms of its gameplay style. You attack from the left and the enemy attacks from the right. You want to be the last set of soldiers standing and how you do that is up to you. You select the different unit that you want. Some units work better against others so you have to think before you select a unit for the battlefield.

I really like the way you just drop them onto the battlefield. Once they are on there the only thing you can do is pick them up and change their position. You have no control over the attacking that they do. So proper unit selection is really the key here. As you progress through the game you can, of course, upgrade your units and get access to more. What I really like is when it allows you to directly get involved. These attacks are limited, but doing one like dropping a bomb onto the desk can do massive damage.

At first, I was just sort of dumping my units on the desk at random and then moving them. I soon realized that there is a fair bit of strategy in play when it comes to placing them. Yes, you will have to move them around as the battle progresses. However, getting them into the right position nice and early can really set you off on the right track.

I had no problems playing Toy Clash on my Oculus Go at all. The touch controller worked great you just point at things and grab and drop. It is a very simple control scheme and one that I had no problems with at all. Actually, the whole game ran super smooth and I never noticed any issues at all.

Toy Clash is a fantastic game it really is. If you have always liked the idea of tower defense, RTS or strategy games in general, but felt they are too hard to get into. Toy Clash is a game that is perfect for you. It is fun, easy to learn the basics of and once you get into it you can then start to use more advanced strategies. I do think a multiplayer mode is missing, but for single players, there is still a lot of fun to be had here.


The fun art style is really cool

Plenty of different units for you to use

The controls are great

It is a very addictive game that will keep you playing

Costs under five bucks


Diehard RTS and TD fans may find it a little simple

There is no multiplayer