A journey through world’s most beautiful islands – The top 10 must-see list!

Looking for some order in today’s chaos? A teensy break from the monotonous, dreary life, that which would tear you off from overcrowded streets, impurities laden air, impossible academic and career expectations, mundane assignments and if possible, even from the constant gibbering on the million social sites and lift you to another level, one that is entwined with nature in all her splendor? Well, then it might be time to get your backpacks ready, for you need quite an amount of peace and tranquility and a journey to one of the world’s most beautiful and gorgeous islands might just be what the doctor ordered. The planet is blessed with an amazing number of such natural scenic wonders and a top 10 list would be an extremely challenging one to arrive at but, we are going to try! These might not be in any specific preferred order but if you decide to go on a quest, ensure that these stunning locales are on your list!