PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Tetris Effect

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When you hear that Tetris Effect is another “new” Tetris game you may wonder, how many times can they re-release Tetris? Well as someone who has been playing Tetris since 1990, it is a game I have always had a lot of time for. So, when I heard that Tetris Effect was going to have a mode for the PlayStation VR I was all in!

Let me start by saying that the PSVR is not essential to play Tetris Effect. I will say though what not essential, playing this in VR mode on the PlayStation VR is a truly amazing experience. So much so that whenever I have gone to play this game, I have always used the PSVR to do so. So yes, Tetris Effect does not require the headset, but I personally feel that the game is better for it.

The idea is the same as it always is in the base game. You need to move the different blocks into position in order to get rid of lines and get the highest score possible. It is just as addictive here as it was on the Game Boy when I got it for Christmas back in 1990. If you have played Tetris in any shape or form before then you will know what to expect here. With that being said, if you like Tetris then you will like this. If you have never really gotten into Tetris then I am not sure Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR is going to change your mind.

Now what I love about playing this in VR is just how immersive it is. For me, this is a game that you need to play with the headphones in as you really get lost in the game. The different backgrounds and that amazing soundtrack that feels like it is pumping through the PS4 controller along with the particle effects that come straight at you all make for something special. Yes at its core this is the same Tetris that was released decades ago, but I have never played a game of Tetris that sucked me in and put me in a Zen state like this one here.

While I have gone on about this being “classic” Tetris. They have added a few “variations” to the gameplay that you can do if you want. For example, there is one that kind of plays like Dr. Mario. The idea is that some of the Tetris blocks are infected and you need to get rid of them. I was hooked on this mode and have so far spent hours playing it. I have messed around with some of the other rule variations too and they do help keep things fresh.

Tetris Effect on the PlayStation VR is most certainly a single-player experience. It does have leaderboards and challenges that you can do, but I would love to be able to go head to head with a friend. What I have done is I will play a round and then my wife will play around and we will try to beat each other’s high scores.

I think that Tetris Effect for the PlayStation VR is awesome. I know that some games that are not built with VR in mind and then “tack it on” after can be less than great. That is not the case here at all. As I said, Tetris Effect is actually more immersive and overall better in VR and it is a game I will certainly come back to time and time again.


The game looks great

It has some awesome VR particle effects

Soundtrack is awesome

It is a very immersive experience

You can play with different rule variations


It may not win over non-Tetris fans

I wish it had a better multiplayer setup