Oculus Go Game Reviews – Temple Run VR

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Many of you have probably heard of the game Temple Run. It was a pretty big deal a few years back and it has been revamped many times since. Not only that, but there has also been a number of copycat games as well! Well, the real Temple Run is back and this time it is in VR with Temple Run VR. You Oculus Go gamers really want to get your Indiana Jones costume out of the closet and get ready for some VR Temple Run action.

Let’s start by saying that Temple Run VR is a free to play game. Many people have been very harsh on this game, but I am going to come at it with fresh eyes and give it a fair trial!

The first thing that impressed me was the visuals. For a free to play game, Temple Run VR actually looks pretty cool. The long bridges, the icy caverns and everything in between all have a great style to them and there are tons of little details that bring each level to life. The problem is that this is the kind of game where you really cannot look around to take in the scenery.

As far as the gameplay goes this is the same Temple Run that you played on your mobile device a few years back. You “steal” the ancient Idol and then you have to haul your butt down the level. This is made all the harder thanks to the different obstacles that are trying to stop you. You will be leaping over rocks, watching out for ice, keeping an eye on crazy beasts and much, much more. These obstacles are randomly generated so each time you play it you get a new challenge. Sometimes you will get lucky and get a fairly easy run, other times it is like the game is mad at you and is throwing everything it has at you!

One of the things that Temple Run VR reviews in the past have criticized it for is the controls. You can play this just with the VR itself and using the buttons there or you can use a Bluetooth controller. Both take a little while to get used to and some people will play a couple of games and be put off right away. The idea is the same as the original Temple Run where you need to jump and move to avoid things. No matter what control method you use, there is some serious time needed to get the hang of it. Once you do though the game does become enjoyable for a short burst.

I say short burst because there is not really any incentive to play a whole ton of Temple Run VR. There are no competitive leaderboards that you can use to challenge your friends. The other versions of Temple Run that were a huge hit on mobile devices have you collect coins as you play which you can then use to buy cool upgrades. There is none of that here, actually, when it comes to any kind or progression at all, Temple Run VR is sadly lacking in that regard. Still, if you want to have a free to play game always at your fingertips for a quick five to ten minute play session, you could do a lot worse that is for sure.

Temple Run VR actually has a pretty interesting history in that it is a game that was used to showcase how fun VR games could be. The problem is the demo that was first released a couple of years back has not really been expanded upon for the full release of the game. It is kind of harsh to complain about a lack of content when Temple Run VR is a free to play game, but there is not a whole lot here to keep you hooked.

Temple Run VR showcases VR quite well and when you get used to the controls the game plays fine. Add to this some fantastic visuals and you should have a game here that is a ton of fun. The problem is, Temple Run VR does not really offer much incentive to play it more than just a few times. There are no competitive high scores, no cool unlockable and while the obstacles are randomly generated there is nothing here to keep you coming back. However, with that being said, Temple Run VR is free so it is worth playing at least once, plus it is a rather small file size so it does not take up much space at all.


Temple Run VR has some very nice visuals

A great sense of speed

Feels like classic Temple Run

100 percent free to play


Offers very little reason to keep playing

Some people report motion sickness


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