PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown

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I went into Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown thinking it would be just another RTS style game but in VR. I could not have been any more wrong and this is one of the best surprises I have had with the PlayStation VR so far. Do not think of this as just another strategy game, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is far more like you are playing an actual tabletop game than any other PSVR game than I can think of.

The overall tone and style of the game has a very “fantasy” kind of feel to it. The game master is this robot looking bird who has a bit of a pirate voice about him and it is he who moves the story along. The story is quite good and I get a kind of Never Ending Story/Labyrinth kind of 80s fantasy vibe to the whole thing. That is something that is meant as a compliment by the way.

You start the game up and you have a group of “scoundrels” at your disposal. The game plays just as if you were playing an actual board game. So, you manually pick up your character (with the Move Controller) and place them where you need to. You can manually pick up cards and touch them to the character you want to use them with. Of course, you also need to roll the dice as well which feels great. This is as close to playing a board game that I have ever come across in a video game. It sure as hell makes the Monopoly game, I played on the NES back in 1990 seem like junk that is for sure.

One of the most interesting things about Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is that there is no real way to truly go wrong. Well if all your members die that is that. However, you have various choices to make. While combat is a huge focus of the game, you have other stats such as “charm” which you can use to try and get your way or past something. You can just smash something that is in your way if you like. There is always at least a couple of ways to go about something. Most of these have a skill rating that you need to be, which means you will have to roll the dice to see if the action will happen in your favor.

I found that a game of Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown lasted a couple of hours and as there are so many ways that the story can go. I feel that it is the kind of game which you could play multiple times. It is worth noting that I did play through the game on my own and had a great time doing so. However, it does support up to four players which I think sounds like an awesome time.

In all, Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown is a fantastic game for the PlayStation VR. If you are a fan of tabletop gaming, I have no doubt that you will be completely blown away by this. Even if you are like me and will just play the game on your own, it is a really fun time. I highly recommend this one if you want a bit of VR tabletop gaming in your life.


Supports up to four players

The story the game tells is a lot of fun

It is super easy to get into

Plenty of ways for the game to go

It feels like you are playing an actual board game


I had no friends to play with ☹

The bird can be a bit obnoxious