Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2190323657748572/?locale=en_GB

I played the heck out of the Spider-Man: Homecoming demo that was put out for that movie on the PlayStation VR and had a great time with it. Well, to celebrate the awesome, Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, another free tie in was made, but this time it is the Oculus Rift I am checking it out on. This is 100 percent free so do not come into this thinking you are getting 10 plus hours of gameplay here. It is a fun way to pretend you are Spider-Man and it actually works far better than you would think.

The best part about Spider-Man: Homecoming VR was the part when it finally let you start web slinging around New York City. The problem was the part you had to do before that while not horrible, was not quite as much fun. Spider-Man: Far From Home VR fixes this problem and the majority of this experience is all about web slinging and I must admit that I felt it works better here than it did in the first game.

There is a robotic menace causing trouble and only our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is up to the task of keeping the city safe. You will be zipping all over the city, taking down these drone looking things, all the while keeping your eyes open for the “larger menace” that is causing havoc. It is actually done quite well, the presentation for a free game and a game that was clearly put together in a short time frame is actually rather well done. It is kind of like a tech demo in many ways, but a very polished one. The fun presentation happens right at the start as unlike the first game, here you have multiple spider suits that you can wear which if you have seen the movie is a great deal of fun.

The controls in Spider-Man: Far From Home VR work great. You use each hand as your web slinging action and it feels so, so satisfying when you get this down. I could easily spend 30 minutes or so just web slinging around and having a great time doing so. The shooting of your webs at the drones is good and probably the weakest part of the game. I know that sounds odd, but the actual shooting works great, but it is the reloading that lets this gameplay mechanic down. You see in order to reload your webs, you have to shoot “off-screen” this works in other similar games (rail shooters) here though as you are so fluid when web slinging it can be easy when you mean to reload to fire a line of web somewhere you do not mean to.

For a free game, I actually feel that Spider-Man: Far From Home VR offers you a lot of fun. The web slinging, in particular, is very well done and I could see them making a whole game out of this. It is far better done than the Homecoming VR experience and as it is free, you really have no excuse not to give this one a try.


You feel like you are Spider-Man

Four different Spider suits to wear

The game is far more polished than you would think

Web slinging is very satisfying

Shooting down drones is fun


The reloading can be a bit annoying

It does make you wish it was a full game