Oculus Go Game Reviews – Slightly Heroes

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/2053247624687960/

There have been many first person shooters on the Oculus Go that have tried to bring that home console first person shooter to VR. Some have been better than others, but I feel that Slightly Heroes stands out from the crowd.

Let me start by talking about the overall style that Slightly Heroes has. This is not you taking on zombies or you taking on soldiers. I swear it is like every other first person shooter that I play has you killing hordes of zombies or soldiers. While I do not have a problem with that, I like it when something fresh comes along and that is what Slightly Heroes is offering.

The levels are nice and bright and pretty zany in their design. You never know if you there is going to be a bus, a weird animal or a crazed other player with a gun coming down the street for you. The character designs are also pretty neat ranging from characters like a little robot, a carton of milk, a judge and many more.

Slightly Heroes lets you play against other players from all over the world or you can play against the AI. I found that playing against the AI was a lot more fun than you would think and it is also great for learning the way the game plays. Slightly Heroes is not a hard game to get to grips with. The developers have kept things nice and basic and pulling off your more “special” abilities as well as your standard shooting is nice and easy and something that anyone will be able to pick up.

The battles are fun and I feel that they are the perfect length. I have never found myself getting bored and even when a match is over quick because you get killed quickly you will find that you still have fun while playing. The game mode I spent most of my time with was the one where you had three minutes to take down your opponent as many times as you could.

I have had a lot of fun with Slightly Heroes and I feel this has all the makings of a great series for the Oculus Go and other VR devices. The controls feel nice and tight, I love the art style and the setting and honestly, it is just an absolute blast to play. The problem is there is not enough content here. The one on one battles against AI or other players is all there is. Sure you can unlock characters that are cool and that will add to the longevity.

However, I feel a full single player campaign, the ability to play against more than one bot or even have team battles would make things more exciting. I do not want to be too harsh as this is the first game and if they do make a sequel they already have a great foundation to build on.

Slightly Heroes is a lot of fun and one of the more interesting first person shooters that I have played on the Oculus Go. I highly recommend that you check this out and while there is not a ton of content here, it is more than worth the asking price. I am genuinely very excited at the prospect of what a Slightly Heroes 2 could offer!


The cartoon style is fun

Crazy and quirky weapons

The cast of characters are fun

Playing against the AI is not boring

Matches are always fast-paced and exciting


Could have used a little more content

They do have some (but not necessary) Microtransactions