Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Shadow Point

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Shadow Point for the Oculus Rift? Well, you may be thinking that this is one of the big exclusive titles for the Oculus Quest, which it was. However, Shadow Point is actually a game that offers cross-buy! So, if you have this for the Quest, you can now also enjoy it for the Oculus Rift as well. It is a fantastic game made by the very clever folks at Coatsink Software and I wanted to share with you why this is a game Rift owner’s need to be excited about.

For me “puzzle game” is the genre that Shadow Point best fist into, but this is one of the most story-driven puzzle games I have ever played. You are Alex Burkett. And you are an investigator who is working a missing person case. The person missing is a little girl and she went missing while at the Shadow Point Observatory… over ten years ago! While you are using your own detective skills, you do also have help in the form of a journal written by a man called Edgar Mansfield who tried to crack this case many years prior.

This journal is a major highlight of the game for me. Not only does it serve as kind of a guide as to what you need to do. It also fills in many blanks of the story and it is narrated by the awesome Sir Patrick Stewart. He does an amazing job in this game and his voice is so distinctive that I am kind of amazed that he has not done more voice-over work in video games. Just when I felt stuck and ready to stop playing for a while. His booming voice would push me on just a little further.

While Shadow Point is a game about a missing girl. It is not a horror or twisted kind of game. Instead, I would say it has more to do with sci-fi and fantasy. You find a gateway into a new world and this is where the actual gameplay takes place. You are in this interesting and strange new world and you have to solve a ton of puzzles in order to crack this case. The puzzles are fun, make you think and are not overly cryptic. There is a very nice progression to the difficulty in this game and that is something I always do like.

Control-wise, I found Shadow Point to be great. I played using the touch controls and very rarely had issues where it would not do exactly what I wanted. The game could let you explore a little more. There is always a ton of interesting stuff here, but most of the time you can only touch or interact with things that are directly related to the puzzle. Hey, I get why they did this, but the world they have crafted is so cool I want to take it all in.

I had a fantastic time with Shadow Point and I really do feel that this a VR game more people should be talking about. It is very well made; it has a great and mysterious story that keeps you hooked and the narration by Sir Patrick Stewart is just awesome. If you are a fan of puzzle games, especially story-driven puzzle games. You really owe it to yourself to get invested in this.


I really like the smooth, cell-shaded kind of look

The story is very engaging and will hook you right away

Sir Patrick Stewart is awesome as the narrator

There are over 80 puzzles

It has a very nice difficulty progression, including harder challenges to unlock


Tracking can occasionally be an issue

I wish I had more freedom to explore

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Shadow Point

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2088119334554800/?locale=en_GB

As I write this Shadow Point is an exclusive title to the Oculus Quest. At the launch of the Oculus Quest, this was one of the stand out games. It is produced by Coatsink Software who have done a fantastic job in making VR games. They really have not made a bad one yet and I am pleased to say that they have continued that trend with Shadow Point.

Shadow Point is best described as a story-driven puzzle game. You play the role of an investigator called, Alex Burkett. You are on the case to discover what happened to a little girl who went missing from the Shadow Point Observatory over a decade ago. Helping you with the case (and also moving the story along) is the journal of a man called, Edgar Mansfield who had also been trying to find the little girl over a decade ago.

His journal which is narrated fleshes out the story and this fantastic world very well. A huge part of this is that it is actually narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart who you know from his role as Captain Picard on Star Trek and Professor X in the X-Men series to name just a few of his highlights. His voice fits this game perfectly and it always drives you to keep on playing and to go to that next room to find more out about what exactly is going on and where this little girl really ended up.

You see the fate of the little girl is not a grisly one. Shadow Point is actually set in a “hidden world” a world that is full of puzzles (around 80) for you to solve and discover why this girl went missing and the other hidden secrets that it has. The puzzles are all very, very clever and for the most part, utilize the manipulation of light. I feel that the difficulty curve here is near perfect. Shadow Point is a game that will make you think, but at the same time, I also found this to be quite a relaxing game.

While the Oculus Go being wireless is great. Shadow Point can be played standing up or sitting down. The controllers on a few occasions did have a little trouble doing exactly what I wanted, but this to be fair could have been more to do with me than the actual tracking. The world that they have created here is great and I really wish that the game let me explore and interact more with it. Most of the time you can only interact with things that are to do with the puzzle. This can be frustrating as the different rooms have stuff all over them and my inquisitive mind really wanted to look at it all.

As this is a story driven puzzle game, you may think that there is little replay value to be had. That is not actually the case. You see, you can unlock more difficult challenges if you are up to it. Also, the story is that great I could easily see myself coming back to the game a month or two down the line. There are a lot of puzzles to be completed so it is not like you are going to blow through this in an afternoon anyway!

I think that Shadow Point is a great addition to the Oculus Quest. I love the story, the art style and the cherry on top of this puzzle filled cake is the narration by Sir Patrick Stewart. If you like puzzle games that have a good and mysterious story to them, you are going to be really sucked in by this!


The presentation is very nice

I loved the story

The narration is some of the best I have heard in a VR game

Plenty of puzzles to do

You can unlock more challenges


The tracking on a few occasions felt a little off

Might not have a ton of replay value