PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Robinson The Journey

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I am a real sucker for a game with a good sci-fi story so that is why Robinson The Journey was a game I was very interested to play on the PlayStation VR. I am a huge fan of the developer Crytek and feel that they are one of the best when it comes to making great VR experiences so it is fair to say that my hopes for this game were pretty high, especially as I have already enjoyed the version that was made for the Oculus Rift!

The game takes place on a planet called, Tyson III. This is a strange kind of planet and has a fair bit in common with prehistoric earth, especially so in terms of the creatures that call this place home. You play as a young guy called Robin who crash lands onto Tyson III and now you must do all you can to survive. What is cool about the story is that it is very sci-fi focused and there is also the mystery of what caused you to crash in the first place. You do have two companions on your journey, one being the AI from your craft and the other this awesome baby T-Rex that seems to take a real shine to you.

Robinson The Journey does not make use of the PlayStation Move controllers. Instead, you will be playing this with your DualShock 4 which works fine. The movement is very, very hard to explain. But there is this weird way that you can snap to a certain viewpoint and the way the camera works is done so that it cuts down on motion sickness. I am not sure what the technical term for what they have done here is, but I did find that it worked very well.

The overall gameplay is a mixture of puzzles and exploration. I was actually surprised the first time I played this on the Rift at how little action there was, but I do still like the gameplay that is on offer here. Tyson III is such an interesting planet that if you are like me, you will lose hours just exploring and taking it all in. None of the puzzles that you encounter will stress you out too much and for the most part, I felt that the game moves at a very brisk pace.

I was very impressed with the presentation and feel that the PS4 and the PSVR does a great job in keeping up with what the Oculus Rift version of this game can do. The different locations are great ranging from lush jungles to dark and creepy caves. Not to mention the different creatures that you come across which all have a real dinosaur kind of design to them. I found the framerate and the way the game ran to be great and this is from someone playing on a standard PS4.

In all Robinson The Journey is a game that I am surprised has not gotten more attention on the PSVR. It is a very interesting journey and one that is backed up with a really engaging story and premise. I will admit that just a little more action would have made the game even better but as an exploration/puzzle game. You will certainly have a great deal of fun here.


Tyson III is a fantastic place to explore

The puzzles are handled very well

You have a baby T-Rex and AI companion

The story is very interesting

Movement actually feels pretty great


Just a tad more action would have been great

I wonder why Move Controllers are not supported?

Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Robinson: The Journey

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When you watch a trailer for Robinson: The Journey. It is near impossible not to be blown away and want to dive right into this alien world. It is like a movie that you are part of and for me, this is what more VR games need to be trying to do. The developer, Crytek is one of the most ambitious around when it comes to VR and the scope and ideas behind this game are huge.

Let me start by talking about the story. As a sci-fi junky, I was so in from the get-go with this the story that this game is telling. You play the role of Robin who is a young guy. You crash land on a planet called, Tyson III. This is like a prehistoric kind of planet filled with all kinds of strange and dangerous creatures and there is no other human life here. You are all alone except for your AI companion and a baby T-Rex that takes a real shine to you. You explore this strange land, trying to survive, look for a way to get off it and also uncovering why you crashed in the first place.

The gameplay is not as action packed as you would think and at first, I was a little bummed out by this. I do feel that Robinson: The Journey could have had just a tad more action in it. Still, exploring and puzzle solving is truly awesome. I found that using my controller with the Oculus Rift and this game worked very, very well. The game lets you move around in the first person, but Crytek has been very clever with this. You can snap with the right analog stick and move with the other and it works very well. You can move at a brisk pace if you are looking straight on, but you move slower if you are not. It is hard to explain, but it works very well and reduces any chance of motion sickness.

The presentation of Robinson: The Journey is amazing. I love Tyson III and would actually spend most of my time playing this just exploring, climbing up high ledges, going into dark and creepy looking areas. A lot of attention to detail is here and that really does wonders to make the whole world feel like a real living and breathing place. The different “creatures” you come across have a very dinosaur kind of feel to them and that is something I really do love. For me, I would say that Skull Island is probably the best comparison I can give to what this strange place is like.

Most of your gameplay is about exploration and basic puzzle solving. You can pick up many things and then you can throw them and use them to solve puzzles. The gameplay, in all honesty, is not doing anything that I would say is groundbreaking in the world of VR. However, it does what it does very well and thanks to the gameplay being nice and tight and there being no technical hiccups, I had a fantastic time with the game.

As far as first person adventure games go on the Oculus Rift. I would have to say that Robinson: The Journey is one of the most ambitious I have come across. Clearly, a lot of time, money and love went into this game. It is a game I had a great deal of fun with and if you want a VR experience that has some real substance to it, you have to check this game out.


The planet, Tyson III is awesome

The story is well written and very engaging

Plenty of puzzles for you to solve

You have a baby T-Rex companion!

The presentation from the sound to the visuals is great


A little more action would have made this a 10/10

Some still might get a bit motion sick