Oculus Go Game Reviews – Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1515064735229728/

Ok, so I am not exactly what you would call a table tennis enthusiast. However, I was the king of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games table tennis on the Wii in my house so I thought I was the natural person to have a look at Racket Fury: Table Tennis for the Oculus Go. Sports are something that if you ask me VR has struggled to emulate well, but this game is trying its best.

It has a futuristic feel thanks to the matches taking place in outer space and also due to the fact that you are playing against robots. However, the development of this game apparently used real table tennis players. Not just to get their opinion, but also for the motion capture as well. So you have to give props for the game trying to be realistic at least in terms of its gameplay.

As I said I am not a table tennis expert, but I was able to get through the matches in this. I did feel that the game was tracking my controller very well and that I was in full control of what was happening. But at the same time, I found that by just smacking the ball I won more times than when I tried to play the game strategically and use my backhand and things like that.

While the tracking in-game works great, I sometimes felt that my serve was not being recognized like I thought it should. Now granted it could be my lack of table tennis skill showing, but there were times when I was certain that I nailed it only for my paddle not to connect at all. It was frustrating when this happened. Speaking of frustrating I have heard some people say that the difficulty spikes really bad when you play, but I never found that to be the case.

You pick a robot to play and then you try to beat all of them….. and that is all there is to the game. You get nothing for doing this either. I thought that I would maybe get a new bat, new robots to play, a new background or something to reward me for my epic (or lucky) skills, but there was nothing at all. I also feel that they could have done some more game modes. I know that they were going for a realistic approach as far as the actual gameplay goes. But I do think they could have used the futuristic and sci-fi style to have some fun mini-games and training games. Destroying a robot by bouncing bombs at him and stuff like that I think would have been a fun addition.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis is a game that has some serious potential. The framework is here for a good game and I had fun playing against the AI. I do wish though that a little more time was taken. Maybe having a proper tournament to play through where you can unlock stuff, a bunch of mini-games and a training mode would all have made this a game a must buy for me. I have high hopes that some more stuff will be added or if it is not that a sequel to this would be pretty cool.


The robots are pretty cool

You are playing in outer space

The controls for the most part work quite well

Price is not too bad

A good framework for a sequel


Needs more game modes

The serving sometimes is a bit off