PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Ghost Giant

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I think that Ghost Giant could very well be my favorite PlayStation VR game of 2019. Actually, it could be one of my favorite games in general! That is the kind of impact that the game had on me. What looks like a little cutesy kind of game from all of the trailers is actually far deeper than you would probably think.

The main character in the game is a small child (who is also a cat) called, Louis LaFleur. He looks super cute, but this is a kid who has been forced to grow up faster than a child should! He lives on a family farm and he has to work and do chores that no kid his age should have to do. As you play the game you learn more about the family dynamic he has and the town he lives in.

Let me tell you, Ghost Giant deals with some rather intense kind of themes. It looks gorgeous and is like a storybook that has come to life. However, while it can make you smile at its cuteness it is also in places a sad and heartbreaking kind of tale and once I finished the game it really stuck with me for a while. It is kind of amazing that they were able to take these cutesy characters and setting and make such an impactful story with it. With this in mind, Ghost Giant might not actually be a game that is ideal for kids.

You do not actually play as little Louis. Instead, you play as Ghost Giant! You are his buddy and you want to help him out. The game is basically a puzzle game where you need to move objects, press buttons and interact with the world in order to make Louis life easier. In all honesty as a puzzle game, Ghost Giant is not going to test you to the extreme, but the puzzles are rather clever and they do make sense.

A huge part of the game I liked was how much stuff you can interact with. When you get to zoom into a person’s house, being able to see all their stuff is actually really cool. Speaking of “a person’s house” it is like this world just goes on around you and that is something I thought was really, really cool and very well done actually. The world of Ghost Giant is one that I actually wish I had a bit more freedom to explore.

Ghost Giant for the PSVR does require that you have Move Controllers. I found, for the most part, they worked pretty well, but the game is designed to be played with you sitting down. Sometimes though I wanted to turn right around to explore a particular location the Move Controllers will lose sight of the camera and then the PSVR acts all weird. To be fair, this is not so much a problem with Ghost Giant, but more a problem with the PSVR Move Controllers.

I absolutely adore this game and found it to be one of the most memorable VR experiences I have had in 2019. It is a must-own game for the PSVR and I have noticed that many stores are selling the physical version of this game for dirt cheap these days so there is no excuse.


I loved the story of the game

It is far more “mature” than the cute art style suggests

Playing as the Ghost Giant is kind of cool

The world you are in feels alive

The game looks fantastic


Maybe a bit mature in its story for younger kids

I wish I could have explored a bit more

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Wayward Sky

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Wayward Sky for the PlayStation VR is one of those games that I so, so want to like. I originally played this thanks to the PSVR demo disc, but I just recently got the chance to try out the full game. Many people love this game and I have seen it pop up on a few “best PSVR games” lists over the last year or so.

The story of the game is that you play as Bess. She is a young woman who is on the hunt for her dad who has been kidnapped. I really liked the idea of Bess as a character and helping her find her dad is something that I and I am sure most other gamers can get on board with. The problem is the game is not as story-driven as I would have liked. Do not get me wrong, it gives you enough of a reason to be doing what you are doing, but I just wanted a tad more.

Most likely the first thing that captures your attention with Wayward Sky is the visuals. This is a very interesting game in terms of its presentation. It has a look that really makes it stand out from the crowd. It is very hard to explain, but the game is made with these bright colors, but then they are kind of washed out. It is a very interesting look and one that certainly makes spending time in this world more appealing.

The gameplay is best described as a point and click adventure. You can play with the DualShock 4 or the Move Controllers. I found playing with the Move Controllers was a bit more immersive. You view the action from pretty far away and you point and click when you want Bess to move somewhere and interact with something. It is very easy to get to grips with and the majority of the game has you moving levers and pressing buttons in order to make it to the end of each section. I never found myself stuck or troubled by a puzzle or task in front of me. However, at the same time I also never found myself, board, because it was too easy.

It took me around three hours to get through the game. As I write this Wayward Sky is currently going for 20 bucks and I do not think that is a horrible price. However, there is not a ton of replay value here. I can though see myself playing through this again at some point down the road. It is a rather relaxing game so I can see it being a good game to fire up when you are in the mood to kick back and relax.

Overall, I can see why Wayward Sky is so popular with PlayStation VR games. While it may not make my own personal list of top 10 PSVR games, it is a very interesting experience and one that is a nice way to relax and serve as a pallet cleanser if you have played something ultra-violent. The demo is a great way to test if this is a game for you. If you love the demo, I would say that you will love the game even more. On the flip side of this, if the demo does not float your boat, the full game will not either.


I liked Bess as a character

I loved the visual style of the game

It is very easy to get into

You can play with Move or DS4

It is a very relaxing kind of game to play


It is very easy

Not a ton here in terms of gameplay to be honest

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Space Junkies

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It is kind of crazy that there is not a huge first-person shooter for the PSVR yet. I would have put money on there being some kind of Call of Duty or Battlefield game by now! Well, Space Junkies is a very, very solid effort and a step in the right direction when it comes to bringing the world of multiplayer first-person shooting action to the PlayStation VR.

Let me start by saying that I think Ubisoft have something very special here. The actual shooting mechanics of this game are very solid and while I wish it had smooth rotation instead of the snapping rotation. For the most part, if you have ever played a first-person shooter before, you will be able to jump in and get to grips with what Space Junkies is offering you. You have different characters you can play as and each one has something that makes them special. The weapons feel great and dual-wielding does make you feel like a total badass. Or you can have a weapon and a shield if you want to play a little more defensively.

The game has multiple ways for you to play. You can play one vs one, two vs two team deathmatch, duel, free for all and king mode. I have spent most of my time playing team deathmatch as it is just a balls to the wall kind of mode where you and your team need to kill the enemy the most. It is a very fun and addictive experience. I do feel that there could have been some kind of campaign and as there is only a handful of maps, you do end up feeling like you have seen all that Space Junkies has to offer rather quickly. The fact that this is a full-priced game may make people wish it had a little more.

As far as the controls go, apart from wishing that it had smooth rotation, Space Junkies is pretty awesome. The game only supports DualShock 4 so there is no Move Controller support, but I think that is a good thing. I am not sure the game would be as good if you were to use Move Controllers. If you have played a COD game or any other first-person shooter, you will be able to jump right in here. It is easy to pick up and play and the games, no matter what mode you are playing are a lot of fun.

The presentation of Space Junkies is kind of cool. It has a Tron meets Star Wars thing going on I think and that is pretty neat. The online servers are rather interesting, I have not had too much trouble finding a game of team deathmatch. I tend to be waiting next to no time, other game modes though tend to be a mixed bag when it comes to finding a game easily.

I really do think that Space Junkies is one of the best first-person shooters on the PSVR. I really hope that Ubisoft makes a sequel and build upon what they have done here. If you are a fan of first-person shooters, Space Junkies is without a doubt a game that you have to have for your PlayStation VR.


The controls are nice and tight

Different characters to play as

It has multiple game modes

Dual wielding is pretty damn awesome

It is very easy to get into


Could have done with a bit more content

You will need PlayStation Plus to play it online