PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Space Junkies

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It is kind of crazy that there is not a huge first-person shooter for the PSVR yet. I would have put money on there being some kind of Call of Duty or Battlefield game by now! Well, Space Junkies is a very, very solid effort and a step in the right direction when it comes to bringing the world of multiplayer first-person shooting action to the PlayStation VR.

Let me start by saying that I think Ubisoft have something very special here. The actual shooting mechanics of this game are very solid and while I wish it had smooth rotation instead of the snapping rotation. For the most part, if you have ever played a first-person shooter before, you will be able to jump in and get to grips with what Space Junkies is offering you. You have different characters you can play as and each one has something that makes them special. The weapons feel great and dual-wielding does make you feel like a total badass. Or you can have a weapon and a shield if you want to play a little more defensively.

The game has multiple ways for you to play. You can play one vs one, two vs two team deathmatch, duel, free for all and king mode. I have spent most of my time playing team deathmatch as it is just a balls to the wall kind of mode where you and your team need to kill the enemy the most. It is a very fun and addictive experience. I do feel that there could have been some kind of campaign and as there is only a handful of maps, you do end up feeling like you have seen all that Space Junkies has to offer rather quickly. The fact that this is a full-priced game may make people wish it had a little more.

As far as the controls go, apart from wishing that it had smooth rotation, Space Junkies is pretty awesome. The game only supports DualShock 4 so there is no Move Controller support, but I think that is a good thing. I am not sure the game would be as good if you were to use Move Controllers. If you have played a COD game or any other first-person shooter, you will be able to jump right in here. It is easy to pick up and play and the games, no matter what mode you are playing are a lot of fun.

The presentation of Space Junkies is kind of cool. It has a Tron meets Star Wars thing going on I think and that is pretty neat. The online servers are rather interesting, I have not had too much trouble finding a game of team deathmatch. I tend to be waiting next to no time, other game modes though tend to be a mixed bag when it comes to finding a game easily.

I really do think that Space Junkies is one of the best first-person shooters on the PSVR. I really hope that Ubisoft makes a sequel and build upon what they have done here. If you are a fan of first-person shooters, Space Junkies is without a doubt a game that you have to have for your PlayStation VR.


The controls are nice and tight

Different characters to play as

It has multiple game modes

Dual wielding is pretty damn awesome

It is very easy to get into


Could have done with a bit more content

You will need PlayStation Plus to play it online

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Sprint Vector

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If you want a game that is a fun game, but also a hell of a workout, Sprint Vector for PlayStation VR is the game for you. What seems at first like a futuristic racing kind of game will make you build up a bigger sweat than playing Just Dance at the same time as Wii Fit!

The idea of Sprint Vector is that it is a futuristic game show. In this game show, people and aliens will race against each other on dangerous courses. If you win, you will be treated as a hero and doused in glory. If you loseā€¦. You die! The premise in that way is kind of similar to the movie the Running Man if you ask me. Anyway, the idea is pretty neat and I love the overall presentation of the story that the game is telling.

There is a nice selection of characters in this game and they all have a ton of personality. You do not want to like them too much as you need to race these guys. The way that Sprint Vector works is that you pump your arms (while holding the Move Controllers) up and down to move fast in the game. You do not just have to go super-fast, but time your movements too. You can do these power slides, jump, run up walls and even use powerups. Let me tell you the trailers do not do justice to how complex a game this is.

Sprint Vector is the kind of game that is not easy to master, but it is so much fun when you do. Running at full speed and pulling off a power slide then running up a wall at full stride makes you feel awesome. However, you mistime it and you slam into the wall! The enemy AI is quite fair in that while it poses a challenge for you, they will pull it in a little if the game feels like you are having a hard time. There is a ton of tracks to race on and it has the usual championship mode that you would expect in a racing-style game.

It does also have other game modes for you to enjoy as well. There are these challenge maps which made me feel like I was playing Mirrors Edge and I mean that in a very complimentary way by the way. There is also an online multiplayer scene which is a lot of fun. I found the community here to be pretty awesome and while there was a little bit of trash-talking for the most part the folks I played with where cool and there seemed to be a real sense of helping other people get good at the game.

You may think a game that requires precise controls would be in trouble as it has to use PlayStation Move controllers. However, Sprint Vector plays very well, as long as you have the room for it! You see while the game says you can play it sitting down, the tracking I found to be horrendous. You simply cannot play this game unless you have plenty of space. Not just so the game can pick up your movements better, but also so that you do not hurt yourself. This is really the only negative I have about the game, but I am aware it is a pretty major one.

In all, I think that Sprint Vector is one of the crown jewels in the PlayStation VR crown. This is a fantastic and addictive game that is just so much fun to play. It also gives you one heck of a workout too! It is a great showcase of how to make a fast-paced and over the top kind of game and it is so good that I really would love to see a sequel made that expands on what they did here even more.


The game looks fantastic

A great sense of speed

It gives you a great workout

Plenty of fun characters

The multiplayer scene is pretty awesome


It takes a while to get the hang of

You cannot play if you do not have a large open space

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Robinson The Journey

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I am a real sucker for a game with a good sci-fi story so that is why Robinson The Journey was a game I was very interested to play on the PlayStation VR. I am a huge fan of the developer Crytek and feel that they are one of the best when it comes to making great VR experiences so it is fair to say that my hopes for this game were pretty high, especially as I have already enjoyed the version that was made for the Oculus Rift!

The game takes place on a planet called, Tyson III. This is a strange kind of planet and has a fair bit in common with prehistoric earth, especially so in terms of the creatures that call this place home. You play as a young guy called Robin who crash lands onto Tyson III and now you must do all you can to survive. What is cool about the story is that it is very sci-fi focused and there is also the mystery of what caused you to crash in the first place. You do have two companions on your journey, one being the AI from your craft and the other this awesome baby T-Rex that seems to take a real shine to you.

Robinson The Journey does not make use of the PlayStation Move controllers. Instead, you will be playing this with your DualShock 4 which works fine. The movement is very, very hard to explain. But there is this weird way that you can snap to a certain viewpoint and the way the camera works is done so that it cuts down on motion sickness. I am not sure what the technical term for what they have done here is, but I did find that it worked very well.

The overall gameplay is a mixture of puzzles and exploration. I was actually surprised the first time I played this on the Rift at how little action there was, but I do still like the gameplay that is on offer here. Tyson III is such an interesting planet that if you are like me, you will lose hours just exploring and taking it all in. None of the puzzles that you encounter will stress you out too much and for the most part, I felt that the game moves at a very brisk pace.

I was very impressed with the presentation and feel that the PS4 and the PSVR does a great job in keeping up with what the Oculus Rift version of this game can do. The different locations are great ranging from lush jungles to dark and creepy caves. Not to mention the different creatures that you come across which all have a real dinosaur kind of design to them. I found the framerate and the way the game ran to be great and this is from someone playing on a standard PS4.

In all Robinson The Journey is a game that I am surprised has not gotten more attention on the PSVR. It is a very interesting journey and one that is backed up with a really engaging story and premise. I will admit that just a little more action would have made the game even better but as an exploration/puzzle game. You will certainly have a great deal of fun here.


Tyson III is a fantastic place to explore

The puzzles are handled very well

You have a baby T-Rex and AI companion

The story is very interesting

Movement actually feels pretty great


Just a tad more action would have been great

I wonder why Move Controllers are not supported?