My Parents Have No Idea about Me. Now What?

10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Parents Understand You Better

Having the perfect relationship with parents is next to impossible. Everyone goes through that feeling of, “My parents do not understand me” at some point. It could be the age gap, the generation gap, and many other factors that make it a little difficult for parents and their children to relate to each other. How do you bridge the gap if you feel like your parents have no idea about you?

  1. Talk to your parents.

Sure, it seems like an easy thing to say, but in all honesty, talking to parents scares the crap out of most people. Most teens and young adults spend more time talking to their peers and friends than their parents. Why so? Simply because peers go through similar things you do, so you understand each other better.

Talking to parents can be stressful, especially when both sides have unsaid expectations of each other. Having a conversation with your folks does not have to be something so scary or awkward. You do not even have to start with the difficult topics. Here are some simple conversation starters:

  • Open up about some experiences in school while you are having breakfast or some meal.
  • Ask your parents about their day.
  • Talk about people, places, television shows, or anything that you have in common.

Talking to your parents will help you both understand each other better. Remember, neither you nor your parents are mind readers. You both cannot know what each other want and needs without talking to one another. All you really need to do is get started with small steps and opening up about more serious, more important things can be a lot easier next time.