Oculus Go Game Reviews – Overtake: Traffic Racing

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1081614795293384/?locale=en_GB

For me, there is a real lack of first-person arcade-style racing games on the Oculus Go. That is why I was so happy to get the chance to place Overtake: Traffic Racing. It is part Outrun and part Burnout or at the very least that is clearly the inspiration for this game. It looks slick, is fast and the price is right, but is Overtake: Traffic Racing an arcade racer with some serious gears?

Let’s start with the obvious, Overtake: Traffic Racing is a fantastic looking game. I love how it is first person. Do not get me wrong I love kart-style racers too, but in VR I want that immersion and Overtake: Traffic Racing is a very immersive game… in places. I say that because the rearview mirror and the side ones are blacked out! I think this is a huge mistake and something I would like to see fixed at some point.

Apart from that though the overall presentation of the game is very nice. I really do like the arcade style visuals and the frame rate I felt kept up with the arcade action. The soundtrack could be a bit more “pumping” but overall, I am very impressed with the level of polish that the presentation of Overtake: Traffic Racing has.

The actual racing feels great, speed is the main thing here and you are required to drive as dangerously as possible. The idea is to get as close to the other cars as possible when you overtake them. In this way, it is a little bit like the Burnout series, but the fact you are against the clock also makes it kind of like Outrun too. I really did enjoy playing the game and it was genuinely a lot of fun the way it rewards dangerous driving.

You are not just doing endless races on this, while there are some what you would call races. Overtake: Traffic Racing has plenty of challenges you need to do as well. There are over 100 tracks and these are made using the real-world map which I thought was pretty cool. There is certainly a lot of gameplay for your money here (especially as considering this is under five bucks) for me it is the kind of game you can pick up and play for a quick five-minute burst or have a real 2-hour gaming session on.

As well as plenty of tracks for you to race on, you also have a great selection of cars. While I like having plenty of cars to choose from. Some epic customization options here would have been something really amazing and add even more hours of gameplay to it.

Overtake: Traffic Racing is a very solid first-person racing game for the Oculus Go. It has plenty of tracks and cars but is lacking a little in the features department. The actual racing action that the game has is very fast paced and having to get as close to the other cars as you can is quite exciting. If you like arcade style racing games, I say give this a go!


Lots of tracks to use

The game has races and challenges for you to do

Sound and graphics are great

The whole game has a real arcady feel to it

First person POV is well done


The lack of mirrors is kind of strange

Just needs a little more “gameplay” to be a true must own game