Oculus Go Game Reviews – Omega Agent

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/823601671084484/

Omega Agent for the Oculus Go is one of those games that when you hear the premise for you say “man that is a great idea”. Omega Agent wants to help you become the ultimate spy. Kind of like a cross between James Bond and Ethan Hunt. While the idea of the game is truly awesome, the execution could have done with just a little bit more. Still, if you want something fun (and affordable) to play on your Oculus Go, keep on reading to see what makes this stand out.

The idea of Omega Agent is that you are on an island that is there to train the next wave of super spies. Omega Island is a really cool place to explore and explore you will thanks to your jetpack! What kind of spy does not have a jetpack? Well, that is my point exactly. The jetpack gives you a real sense of speed, height, and depth as you play and I am sure some people may get a bit motion sick from this.

Omega Agent is split into different training missions. These will require you to do things like run along rooftops, destroy drones, zip through the sky and other such things. The actual game I felt played very well and the training missions were fun to do. There are different variations and difficulties to them so if you do get super into it, you can play them again and again. This is ideal if you want to try and beat your score or get to the end of a mission faster.

My problem is that the training missions feel like they should be leading to something. Do not get me wrong, I get that the idea of this game and Omega Island is that you are training to become a spy. The game does that very, very well. However, it feels like the tutorial level of a game and it just feels like there should be something more to the game, like a whole section where you are actually a spy doing real missions, taking on real bad guys.

Presentation wise I really do love what they have done with Omega Agent on the Oculus Go. It looks fantastic and has a very retro kind of vibe to it. If you have seen the Disney movies called The Incredibles. The game has a look and feel to the throwback footage that those movies use. It really does work well and I love how bright and colorful everything in the game is.

In all, I do actually like what Omega Agent is offering. It controls great, it looks awesome and I think that the premise really is a lot of fun. However, even with the very cheap price tag (it is two bucks as I write this), the game left me wanting more. To be fair it left me wanting more because what it offered was good. I just feel that one or two real spy missions really would have made this a must buy for Oculus Go owners.


I love the presentation

The different missions you do are pretty fun

Controls work great, even the shooting

Using the jetpack is a lot of fun to do

It is very cheap


The game leaves you wanting more

It may make you motion sick