Oculus Go Game Reviews – Rangi

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Rangi for the Oculus Go is an interesting puzzle style game. It actually started its life out as a game for the Samsung Gear VR and was later ported to the Oculus Go. Of course, you do have to wonder if a game made for let’s just say much lesser hardware is worth porting to something like the Oculus Go, but I must admit I was quite impressed with how Rangi turned out.

The setting of Rangi is vert interesting. The game is inspired by African culture. This goes for its rather tribal setting to the tribal music and all of the architecture. I will not say that I am an expert on this kind of stuff, but it certainly does make the setting of Rangi rather different. The game has you solving puzzles in order to get out of this temple which while beautiful is also very, very dangerous. The art style of Rangi is great. It may at first glance seem a bit simplistic, but the cell-shaded look works great for this game and it is nice how bright and clear everything in the game is. The music is also awesome and fits the game perfectly.

As far as the gameplay of Rangi goes it is best described as a puzzle game. It eases you in very well, teaching you the basics and then the difficulty will gradually increase as you play. When you learn a new mechanic, the game will usually give you an area to learn how to use it properly before slapping you in the face with a puzzle. None of the puzzles are too difficult and they do tend to follow the same formula. Moving blocks, turning things around and lining up colors are the kind of things you will be doing in order to get from one room to another.

The game controls great with the Oculus Go controllers. You point and teleport to move around each location. I do wish that you had the freedom to explore, but as this is a port of a mobile VR game, I get why they could not do that. This does make the puzzles a bit easier as the game only really lets you go where you need to so it is always quite easy to figure out what you have to do. Of course, doing what you have to do is where the challenge lies.

I found that Rangi is a rather relaxing kind of experience. It is the kind of game that you can put on, relax and just have a good time playing through. It is one of those games that with its tribal style, is great for playing after you have played something pretty intense. I am not sure it is the kind of game I would play through again and again, but it was certainly a good experience while it lasted.

Rangi for the Oculus Go is a fun experience and one that is well worth checking out. The game costs under five bucks so I think that it is excellent value for money. Even if you were only to play through the game once, you would get your money’s worth here. If a puzzle game with a unique setting is what you are after, Rangi could be just what you are looking for.


I love the African setting

The music is fantastic

The cell-shaded look is awesome

It is very easy to get into and learn the basics of

Playing through the game is a rather relaxing experience


It is not the longest game

Not sure you would play through it more than once

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Tsuro – The Game of the Path

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1164116493649406/?locale=en_GB

I know that using your fancy Oculus Go to play a board game-based game may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world. However, Tsuro – The Game of the Path is a game that while I did not expect a ton from actually really got its hooks into me and I fond quite addictive. While I have not played the actual board game that this is based on, I can tell you that this VR version is a ton of fun, easy to get into and more strategic than I ever imagined.

The idea of the game is very simple You have a game board and you need to place a tile on it along with a stone and you can then slide the tiles around the board to make sure your stone goes to where it needs to go. I am aware that on paper this sounds very, very simple and that it also sounds rather boring, but it is not. It is one of those things that is so simple, you end up engrossed by what is happening.

You have different tiles in front of you and you need to pick one that has the right path on it to make sure that your stone goes to where you want it to go. The fun thing is that what you do affects the other players and you can make it so that their stones end up falling off the game board which will then leave you as the last player standing and the ultimate winner. You can play against the AI which is the perfect place to start as you learn the basics of the game and also develop strategies that you can use.

I am quite happy with the difficulty level in the game and there are plenty of opponents for you to face. Some do pose quite a challenge, but I mean that in the best way possible. It is the kind of thing that is challenging, but not frustrating. You can also hop online which is fun, but you are never really sure of who exactly you are playing against. I wish the multiplayer functionality was just a tad more streamlined and easier to use.

The style of Tsuro – The Game of the Path on the Oculus Go is great. It has a very relaxing kind of vibe to it and the Japanese (I think it is Japanese) garden setting is full of little details and Easter eggs that you can experience as you play the game. In between shots, I often found myself taking in all the little details and despite the lack of horsepower, the game looks great on the Oculus Go.

Overall, I was very surprised at how into Tsuro – The Game of the Path I got. It is a very addictive kind of game and one that is being sold for a very reasonable price. Not only is this a fun game, Tsuro – The Game of the Path for the Oculus Go is what I call a pallet cleanser kind of game. It is awesome to fire up in between other more intense games as well as when you just have a spare 10 minutes or so to game.


It is a very relaxing kind of game

The AI poses a fair challenge

The game is more strategic than you would think

It is very easy to learn the basics

You can look around the garden


The online thing needs a little work

Adding more gardens would be cool  

Oculus Go Game Reviews – Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/2865608840146763/?locale=en_GB

To say that I love Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs on the Oculus Go is a massive understatement. I have always been a fan of the Angry Birds. It was one of the first games I got addicted to on my old iPhone and as I have a young son, we have had a lot of fun with the different toys, Monopoly and the two awesome movies! Angry Birds is a property that made the jump to the world of VR far better than most of us could have ever imagined.

The idea of the game is kind of the same that it has always been. Those darn pigs have taken the eggs and worst of all, you have a party you need to get to. I love the charm and style of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, but I must admit having a tie in with the most recent Angry Birds 2 movie would have been pretty awesome. Anyway, the premise is more than enough for me to sink my teeth into.

While the premise is the same the overall goal is too. You need to fire the various birds into the structures and pigs in order to save the eggs. However, it is how you do this that is changed. No longer do you need to just swipe your finger to fire. You now use the Oculus Go controllers in the same way you would a slingshot. It works very well and the way you can arc your shot does add in a real element of skill. I think it is a lot of fun and if you mess up, it is because you aimed wrong.

The different birds and their abilities are back and that is cool. What is new is that you now have larger structures to worry about, giant pigs and even these really cool boss pigs. I feel that they have added a ton of fun new content in Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs to make it stand out from the other Angry Birds games that have been released over the years. There are a ton of levels for you to do and I think the asking price is more than fair when you consider just how much content this game has.

As far as playing this on the Oculus Go goes, I have no complaints. This is not exactly what you would call a graphically taxing game so it manages to handle it all with a lot of style. There is no slowdown and in general it looks great, might not be quite as sharp as the version for Oculus Rift, but I would bet that most folks would not be able to tell the difference.

In all, I absolutely adore Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs for the Oculus Go and actually any other platform I play it on. It takes the fun of the original Angry Birds and brings it to the world of VR perfectly. It is a very fun game, but it also requires some major skill if you want to get the highest score possible. I highly recommend that you check this out if you are looking for a fun experience on your Oculus Go.


The Angry Birds are fun characters

The game has a ton of personality

It is easy to pick up and play

It actually requires some skill

Tons of levels to play


I wish it tied into the two movies a tad more

It can be very, very addictive!