Blow Her Mind Away with These Muscle-Building Exercises

Being fit and having a ripped body would definitely boost your confidence to go around and wear slim fit clothes. In that way, you would not be troubled when someone would say that you have a muffin top or what you wear does not suit you or your body. However, having muscles grown evidently in your body would definitely make your girlfriend proud and confident to be with you. Moreover, this would increase your self-esteem because you have an eye candy look and better appearance. So, in order for you to accomplish this goal, you have to make sure that you have all that it takes to not give up even though things would get difficult and rough when doing your muscle building exercises. So are you decided on trying out some muscle building exercises? If so, you must first learn what the best muscle building exercises that will produce results are and which ones will truly blow her mind out. Here are ten of the best muscle building exercises you might want to consider trying in the gym to stimulate the anabolic process, which would result to faster muscle growth.

Muscle Builder

  • The Barbell Bench Press

The Barbell Bench Press is absolutely a great routine that can help you in further building up the muscles in your upper body. This muscle building exercise would stimulate your body to have muscle growth mainly in certain areas such as your triceps, your upper chest muscles, as well as in your arms. For this exercise, you must note that what you need to have most aside from patience is your strength. Nevertheless, the rewards would be sweet. Mastering this kind of exercise would definitely make you stronger and bolder. However, there are precautionary measures you have to keep in mind. Do not attempt to make the bar reach to the point that it would touch your chest. Furthermore, your arms should never be parallel with the ground, as this might pose great danger.

  • The Seated Cable Pulley Rows

With the use of this equipment, you would definitely have that beautiful back which you have always dreamed of. Actually, your upper back and middle back would be the focus of this exercise routine that would result to that V-shaped body you would be thrilled to have. Remember, Johnny Bravo? That kind of V-shape. Aside from the huge development on your back, your lower back also gets toned and developed as well as your forearms and biceps.

Muscle Building

  • The Bicycle Crunches

Coupled with proper diet, resistance training, other aerobic exercises, as well as routines, bicycle crunches can make your dreams of having a six-pack abs come true. Basically, this is so ideal for anyone, because it is so easy to do, you can do it at home, and it is free! You do not need to spend a single cent just to perform this. Actually, this kind of exercise is considered as the best abs exercise among all the routines, which are focused into building a six-pack without using any equipment!

  • The Chest Flies

This kind of exercise routine is definitely impressive! Actually, once this routine has been regularly done, your muscle chest area would be ripped in just a matter of a few months. Definitely, this exercise is more effective, efficient, as well as accurate compared to doing repetitive bench presses because it stimulates your chest area by the resistance of your chest to its natural inclination. Thus, it helps you tone your chest a lot more and a lot better!

  • The Dumbbell Bench Press

Using dumbbells than barbells is quite better because of the free motion it gives you, thus the prevention of injuries can be assured. Moreover, your lower back as well as your triceps, biceps, and forearms are getting well developed and well toned.

  • The Barbell Shrug

Doing this routine every so often would definitely make your body look better and bolder because it focuses on your upper back. Actually, the growth in your upper back is the most evident development compared to any other muscle improvement. Aside from the utmost growth on your upper back, your middle back, lower back, as well as your abdomen are also getting exposed to this kind of routine.

  • The Cable Chest Press

This kind of exercise stimulates the growth of your muscles faster and more accurate than the traditional bench press. Why is that so? Because this routine follows the natural circular path of your pectoral area. Therefore, you get the ideal and well toned chest you would definitely love to have and your girlfriend would definitely want to caress.

  • The Barbell Rollout

This routine most definitely focuses on strengthening the midsection of your body, particularly the abs. Well, your abs can get ripped with this kind of exercise because of the static contraction that it brings to your abdomen. This is actually the best abs exercise you can ever try. It even surpasses the crunches and the sit-ups that you do, which usually involve some stress and tension in your hip area.

  • The Leg Press

When compared with squats, leg presses definitely stand out, as this type of muscle building exercise performs better. Aside from the safety and easiness it brings, you can enjoy doing this kind of exercise because you are able to maximize all the muscles you have in your lower body. Moreover, it is not complex and it is not likely a compound type of exercise that will just usually bring stress and tension in your body parts.

  • The Dip

If you want to work out and build muscles along your triceps, doing dips every so often would definitely be a catalyst in ensuring that you accomplish your goal effectively. Your chest muscles as well as the rhomboids on your back will also get toned if you will regularly engage in this muscle building exercise routine. In order to prevent too much stress and muscle injury, it is highly suggested that you take control over your motions.