Oculus Rift Game Reviews – Moss

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If I had to write a list of my all time favorite VR games, Moss would be on that list without a doubt. While I played the game first of all on the PlayStation VR, I was very happy to get the chance to finally play the game on the Oculus Rift. Let me tell you, it goes without saying that any version of Moss is fantastic.

The idea of Moss I know does not sound all that exciting. You play as a young mouse called Quill. Quill lives in the forest and really wants some kind of adventure in her life. Well, this evil comes to the forest; her dear uncle is dying and only she can save him along with the forest. The story does not sound all that remarkable I am aware of that. However, it is very well told and the game is like a storybook that has come to life and this is something I think is very cool indeed. So, give the story a chance! Trust me, you will be very impressed.

Moss for the Oculus Rift plays like a 3rd person action/adventure/platform game with a sprinkle of puzzle-solving over it. You play the game with a standard controller and it feels great. Quill controls very well and she can jump fairly high too which is great. Quill can also kick some butt as she has a sword. The sword is pretty handy as it can not only be used in combat situations. The sword can also be used to clear paths and for other things too.

Another part of the gameplay aside from the combat and the platforming is interacting with the world. The perfect example of this happens very early on in the game. You can highlight this waterfall looking thing and stop it from turning. You can then have Quill get through it as it has stopped moving. This is a great use of VR technology, but it is not the best way that Moss is a VR game. Sometimes the view is pretty zoomed out and you do not know where to go. When you move your head, you move the game camera in real time. This can be used to find a new path, hidden items or just to get a better view of the action.

Moss is a fantastic looking game on the Oculus Rift. In all honesty, I am not sure I would say that this version is any better looking than the version that I have played on the PlayStation VR. However, that is not a bad thing at all. This is a great looking game and it is the kind of game where when you first enter a new area, you think it looks cool. Then you start taking more in such as the way the bramble looks, the decaying walls, the water and so on and you realize just how much detail is in each area of the game.

I think that Moss is an absolute must play if it is available on the VR device you use. The Oculus Rift is no different! This is a wonderful game and a game that I have probably played through over 10 times now. It is just a real joy to play from start to finish. Not only that, but the story told by Moss and the way it is told is far better than people give it credit for.


It is like you are playing through a storybook

The game looks fantastic

The controls are fun and very smooth

Plenty of cool areas to explore

The use of VR is very interesting


I do wish it lasted just a tad longer

It is not the hardest game I have ever played

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Moss

Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbsfgsncdzw

One of the games that I have spent a lot of time with on my PlayStation VR is Moss. I really like it when a VR game manages to offer pretty much what a standard game does, but adds a bit of a VR twist to it. Right off the bat, I am going to state that if you have a PlayStation VR, Moss is a game that simply has to be in your collection.

I had seen trailers for Moss before it was released, but I was very surprised at how into the story I got. The story is about a young female mouse called Quill. She wants more out of life and then one day, boy does she get it! In the forest, this ancient magic returns and as a result her uncle is at death’s door and only she can save him and the rest of the forest. The story is told in a kind of storybook way and it is very, very effective. I know it does not sound great, but trust me this is game has way more of an interesting story than you would expect.

You have direct control over Quill like you would any other character in a 3rd person action game. However, the PSVR comes into play as you can look all around each section that you are in. this is really cool as sometimes, I found myself at a complete loss at what the heck I was supposed to do. Only to stand up, look over a wall and see that I could make Quill go that way. It is very clever and subtle stuff that makes this a fantastic VR experience.

Controlling Quill is great, Moss is a game that only uses the DualShock 4, so you do not need Move Controllers. I think this is the right decision and the controls are very tight and responsive. Quill can run, jump, fight and interact with the environment. I can honestly say that I never had any kind of trouble with the controls. Some times the view is a little far out, but that is a minor criticism at most.

Quill can not only use her sword to put a beating on forest creatures! She can also use it to do stuff like chop down vines and things that are in her way. Speaking of this, part of Moss, sees you having to directly interact with the environment in order to make it so Quill can get past. This once again is a very clever use of VR and the game does it so very well.

Presentation-wise, Moss is a wonderful looking game. It is the kind of game that from screenshots or videos it really does not seem like anything that is all that special. However, when you are in this world and you can see all the details and how varied this forest world actually is. It really is very impressive and if anything, I do wish that the game let me explore this very interesting world just a little bit more.

Without a doubt, Moss for the PlayStation VR is a must buy kind of game. It has so much going for it that any negatives that I do state are nitpicking at best! It is a true joy to play and one of the more memorable games I have had the pleasure to play for the PSVR. This is certainly a game you need to add to your PlayStation VR collection right now!


The story is far more interesting than you would think

Excellent controls that are easy to learn

The combat is genuinely very exciting

Some puzzles are rather tricky and clever

The game is actually longer than you would think


Sometimes the view is a little far out

I do wish you could explore a little more

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Moss

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1942343732456615/?locale=en_GB 

I played the heck out of Moss on the PlayStation VR so I was very excited to try out Moss for Oculus Quest which is one of the big launch titles. Moss manages to include both action and puzzle solving in a really fun and exciting game that has a storybook style to it.

The story of Moss is fantastic. You play as a mouse called Quill who dreams of something bigger than the life she has. Well, that dream becomes a reality when ancient magic is brought back to life and her uncles’ life now hangs in the balance. The story is told through in-game cinematics, but it also uses a lot of these storybook sections which are incredibly well done.

You control Quill, but you have a sort of “God cam” where you can look all around an area to see where you can make her go and where you cannot. The controls are nice and tight and I found it really cool how if you got stuck, looking behind a wall or structure can reveal a new way that you could not see from your normal point of view. It is stuff like this that makes Moss such a cool and immersive experience on the Oculus Quest.

Moss has a great mix of action, platforming, and puzzle solving. The puzzle solving features some really clever puzzles where you have to do things like manipulating the environment so that Moss can get through an area. You also do a fair bit of platforming as well, jumping up ledges and over things. The platforming is probably the style of gameplay that the game uses the least if you ask me, but what is here is quite fun.

Combat is pretty cool as Quill can use her sword to get rid of things that stand in her way. While you will be fighting enemies, you do sometimes have to do some damage to the environment in order to get through something. Speaking of environment, Moss has a great variety to the different areas that you will go to.

I love the way that the game a kind of realistic fairy tale vibe to it. It is like the forest is alive and ancient and I found discovering new things really cool and interesting. It really did make me feel more invested in the game world and actually was so good that it left me wanting more. Do not take that as me saying the game is short or anything as there is a nice amount of gameplay in Moss and it is not exactly easy to get through.

The controls for Moss on the Oculus Quest are nice and easy to get used to. It has a very “console game” kind of feel and I would say that the Quest controllers are more than up to the task. I never once died because of anything to do with the controls. Anytime I messed up a jump or missed an attack, it was because I did not aim properly or was not paying attention.

Moss on the Oculus Quest is great, even with the less powerful hardware in comparison to the PlayStation VR. Moss is still one excellent looking game on the Quest. I really think this is a must play if you have just gotten an Oculus Quest. Even if you have played this on the PSVR it is worth playing here. If you are coming into Moss without playing it before then you are in for an even bigger treat!


The story is really cool

Some great controls that are easy to pick up

Plenty of clever puzzles to solve

The action is fun and also rather exciting

The game is not a pushover to get through


Graphics not quite as sharp as other versions

Some puzzles may take you a while to figure out