Oculus Go Game Reviews – Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1190441294377640/

There are a ton of different maze games that you can get for the Oculus Go so it is really hard for many of them to stand out. One game that was suggested to me by a buddy was Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding. As of right now, you can “play” Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding for free so at the very least I would say that it is worth checking out.

So what makes this maze game stand out from all of the rest? In all honesty with you guys, I would have to say not much. This is a pure maze game. It features over 20 different mazes (I think there are 24) and the goal is the same for each maze. You need to get from the start to the end of the maze and figuring out where to go is the challenge of the game.

They have tried to give the mazes their own bit of personality. There are mazes based on the forest, the desert, ice and so on so in this regard there is a bit of variety to the mazes. Apart from this though the presentation is very, very bare bones. There is not much in the way of atmosphere at all and that is a real shame. I do feel that there should have been way more time spent on the presentation of the game.

To play devil’s advocate with what I just said. Perhaps the reason for the rather sparse and basic looking mazes is to make them harder to navigate? I did find myself lost a few times and as things all look so similar it was hard to know if I had walked in a circle and been where I currently was before. I do though think this could be giving the game just a wee bit too much credit.

There are times in the game where I would walk into a wall and just get stuck and then it would take 10 or so seconds for me to be able to move again. This, as I am sure you would imagine, is very frustrating. It does have a system where it records your time for completing mazes, but on occasion, this would not work. So there are clearly some bugs in the game that need to be addressed and I hope that they do.

Now let’s get to the main issue that some people have with this game and that is the price. While you can play the first maze for free, the rest of them need to be paid for. I have to be brutally honest and say that I can see most people playing the free maze and then saying that is enough as the game does not do enough to wow you with their free maze. In theory that free maze should be so awesome it makes you want to throw money at it, but it does not.

I would not say that Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding is a bad game. It is just a very underwhelming one. The maze designs are quite well done, but the lack of polish, bells, and whistles really does hurt them. This is the kind of game that really could have done with a few more months maybe even a year more of development time.


The graphics are quite clean

You can play the first maze for free

Different styles of maze

It times how long it takes to complete a maze

It really can make you feel lost


The presentation is very bare bones and basic

Bugs can ruin the experience from time to time