14 Signs that Your Boyfriend is Getting Ready to Propose

In every relationship there comes a time when the two parties are ready to finally join their lives together and pursue marriage. With that being said, as a woman, you could find yourself analyzing your boyfriend’s every move to determine when he will pop the question. Below are some of the most common signs that you should be aware of when you‘re wondering if your man is ready to propose to you.
marriage proposal
1. He Keeps Asking You for Your Ring Size

This is probably the most obvious sign that your boyfriend is about to propose because really, why would he be asking otherwise? He may also try to come up with an excuse such as, “Well, I was thinking about an early Christmas present” or even, “I was just curious.” Although it seems too obvious to be true, men have been known to blatantly ask ring sizes prior to buying the ring.

2. Asking For Family Phone Numbers

Depending on if your guy is the more traditional type, you could catch him asking you for your Mom and/or Dad’s cell phone number. Typically this is so they can ask for your hand in marriage. For more tech-savvy men, he could ask for their email addresses or you may even catch him snooping through your phone. This tip can also apply if your Dad is particularly frightening…

3. Reservations at an Expensive Restaurant

When men choose to propose, they generally like to go above and beyond – this includes reserving a table at your favorite restaurant (even if it is ridiculously expensive). Consider if your birthday is coming up or if there is any other special occasion that you two could be celebrating – if not, prepare yourself!

4. Unusual Behavior

Typically if you are the type of woman who has a lot of close girlfriends, you may notice that your boyfriend may be pulling them aside and talking to them in an extremely whispery nature. This is when you want to read body language, do your girls look excited and do they have “aww” looks on their faces?

5. Budgeting Excessively

One of the most common issues with men buying engagement rings is that they see them as quite the investment, and in most cases they are. Analyze whether your boyfriend is budgeting excessively without a purpose. As an example, if you’re not moving into a new home together or if he’s not buying a new car any time soon, why are his spending habits changing?

6. “Inadvertently” Asking for Ideas

As previously mentioned, it is your boyfriend’s main goal to make your proposal something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Therefore, you may catch him attempting to inadvertently ask you about what type of proposal you may be interested in. As an example, they may start a conversation such as, “I think that people who propose on vacation are overdoing it.” He will then analyze your response very carefully and determine what type of proposal interests you.

7. Randomly Interested in Weddings

If your guy is the type of man that doesn’t take a particular interest in other people’s weddings, such as Kate Middleton and Price William, and then suddenly seems interested then something is definitely up. He could begin to comment on venues or the type of dress that the bride is wearing, regardless, if he is disinterested and then randomly interested, that is a sudden shift in behavior.

8. Patting His Pocket

When the time has come for him to pop the question, it can be rather obvious if you notice that he is obsessively patting one of his pockets over and over. Keep in mind that he might try to make it less obvious by patting other pockets as well. This is his way of reminding himself where the ring is and making sure that it is still there.

9. Out-of-Character Destinations

You may find that you and your boyfriend are on a leisurely stroll near your neighborhood and then he will randomly want to take you to a destination that is seemingly out-of-character. As an example, you may be on your everyday hiking trail and he’ll want to take you to a new place that you both have never been to before. This is him trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question.

10. Googling on His Computer

One common mistake that both men and women are guilty of when they are trying to hide something is not deleting their browsing history. If you find yourself Googling something on your guy’s laptop and “engagement rings” comes up as a recently searched keyword, then you know that he’s been looking at them.

11. Enthusiastic About Marriage

Think about the way that he would act in the past when you brought up marriage. If he is the type of guy that wouldn’t be enthusiastic about the idea in the past, try bringing it up now. If he seems uncharacteristically interested, there is a high probability that he has plans for your future in his mind.

12. Your Jewelry is Missing

For women who enjoy accessorizing and wearing rings out and about, look at your jewelry drawer and see if there is anything missing. If you wake up one morning and your favorite ring is gone then suddenly returned later in the week, this is also a strong indicator that your proposal is imminent.

13. Making Friends with Dad

If your guy is the type of person who talks to your parents when you go over to their house for dinner and then randomly begins hanging out with your father for no apparent reason, he’s obviously trying to make his place in your family. You may find that one day your boyfriend will talk about going to golf with your Dad and you’ll think, “But he doesn’t even golf…”

14. Making Future Plans

Above all of the previous tips, if you find that you and your boyfriend have made solid plans for your future, you can rest assured that you two will be getting hitched at some point in time. This could include buying a house together, choosing children’s names that go well with his last name, and even picking furniture together.