Oculus Go Game Reviews – Land’s End

There have been many games that aim to showcase how great VR can be and Land’s End really is one of those games. This is brought to us by the folks who made the fantastic Monument Valley, Ustwo Games. It is an exploration style game and one of the very best in the genre and certainly a game that is going to be something that really shows how immersive games on your Oculus Go can be.

So what is the story of Land’s End? There is not a whole lot of story in Land’s End, but that is not really meant as a negative. You are in this strange land and need to awaken an ancient civilization and you do this all with the power of your mind. There is just enough story and purpose here to keep you hooked, but that is not what makes Land’s End such a great VR experience.

Land’s End takes place across five chapters and while that sounds like there is a lot of gameplay here, you can actually beat the game in around an hour. Monument Valley was also a very short game so this is not a knock on the game, this is part of its design, this is the length they were going for. One of the first things that you will hear when people talk about Land’s End is how short it is. Do not let that put you off as if anything that is part of what makes this such a great VR experience.

You only need to use your head to play this game (although controller support is there) and it works so very well. You look at where you want to go, interact with and so on. There is some puzzle that you will have to do these range from stopping rocks to mini-games that require you to join things together. These are very simple and will take you no time to figure out at all. Again this is not a knock, this is all part of the design of the game as this is a game that is all about exploration. Finding idols and learning more about this civilization. None of the puzzles are ever going to make your sweat too bad, but that is not a bad thing at all and one of the things that makes Land’s End so accessible to everyone.

It is the size of this world that makes it so mesmerizing, maybe size is the wrong word, but the general scale is huge. From cliffs, dark and dingy caverns and everything in between. There is some great variety to the areas that you will be exploring in Land’s End and while at first glance the presentation may seem like it is on the simplistic side, again this is by design and it helps give the game some real personality. Now would it be great if the game was as detailed as something like Skyrim? Honestly no, that kind of art style would not work for Land’s End and the more basic art style they have gone for works wonderfully well.

The only real criticism that you could throw at Land’s Ends way is the sound. There is not enough of it, even when you are high on a cliff or walking on the beach, there is not any real ambiance sound and again this is part of the design, but you do feel that a little ambient sound would have made this experience even better than it already is.

I know that I said that Land’s End being short was part of the game design and it is. However, Land’s End is so good that it makes you long for more. You can beat it in one sitting and more than likely you will want to jump straight back in to see if there were any little details that you missed. It goes without saying that a game is really good when your biggest complaint is that it has finished too quickly and you want more.

Land’s End is a truly wonderful experience and that is the best way to describe it as an experience. It is the kind of game that just puts you at ease and makes you feel good the whole time you are playing it. It really is a wonderful showcase of how immersive VR games can be when they are made by the right person. Without a doubt, this has to be a game that you play through at least once on your Oculus VR.


One of the most immersive VR experiences around

Lovely art style

Can be played by anyone

A great showcase for how awesome VR is


Could have used more ambient sound

It is so good that the game leaves you wanting more (but that is not really a bad thing)


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