Oculus Go Game Reviews – Herobound: Spirit Champion

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/881361898599169/

I have heard a lot of people compare Herobound: Spirit Champion to The Legend of Zelda and I do think that is a good comparison. However, for me when I played through this game, I actually felt that it had more in common with a game like Moss than it did Zelda. Not that I am saying that is a bad thing of course. If you love action and adventure games, Herobound: Spirit Champion is certainly one you need for your Oculus Go.

Let me start by letting you know the story of the game. You are the Spirit of Life (well you are the avatar) and you need to dive in and explore the four realms to free the remaining Spirits who need your help. What makes this kind of like a Zelda game is that when you rescue one of the Spirits, they will give you some of their power. It is the Spirit powers that you will need to defeat the big bad of the game which is the Spirit of Fire! Your ultimate goal is to be the Spirit Champion.

I like the way that the story is told and while not super deep, I do feel that there is enough here to push you along and give you a reason to be doing what you are doing. I like how the game has a kind of storybook feel to the storytelling. The presentation is ok, I feel that a bit more detailing in each of the realms would have been nice. The realms do have their own style, but the different areas just feel kind of empty.

The gameplay for me made me think of Moss pretty much as soon as I played it. You view the action from a great vantage point and you will need to do some platforming, fighting and even the little bit of puzzle solving as you go from area to area. You will fight lots of enemies on your way to the “boss” of each level who will then result in you getting some Spirit Power.

I felt that Herobound: Spirit Champion played very well on the Oculus Go. There are not enough games like this for the Oculus Go if you ask me so it does make this stand out from the crowd. I think that from a gameplay point of view they really nailed it. So much so that it makes me think if they made a sequel to this and improved on what they already have done it would make it a truly must own game for the Oculus Go.

Now I cannot talk about Herobound: Spirit Champion without addressing the issue of it crashing on launch. I have heard that some people have this really bad and I must admit that it happened to me twice while playing it. I think this is one of those “bugs” that you can get lucky with like I did or it can pretty much ruin the game for you.

In all, I had a fantastic time with Herobound: Spirit Champion. Think of it as Moss with a bit of Legend of Zelda sprinkled on top. I think that at under 10 bucks the asking price is perfect as there is far more “game” here than what I have experienced with other VR games that are priced in a similar fashion. If you are looking for a game that actually feels like a game, you have to check out Herobound: Spirit Champion.


Plays kind of like Moss

You get new abilities as you go which is cool

The story of the game is quite good

The controls work great with the Oculus Go


Levels need more life to them

It can crash on launching