PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Falcon Age

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2019 has been a great year for PlayStation VR and Falcon Age is one of the very best VR games I have played all year. Seriously I am going to have a tough time picking between Falcon Age, Ghost Giant and Blood & Truth as my favorite PSVR game of 2019. Falcon Age is a truly remarkable VR experience and one that felt like it came out of nowhere.

The first thing that I have to talk about in Falcon Age is the story. I was not ready for how moving, deep and emotional the story would be. You play the role of a headstrong and impressive young woman called Ara. The planet that she lives on is in danger of being colonized and depleted of all its resources by a huge corporation. I get a kind of Avatar feeling from the story and I mean that in the most complimentary way.

Ara is going to do what she can to keep her world and family safe and the story is full of many twists and turns as a result. Seriously, you think the story is going one way and then it hits you like a brick in the face. The way you can choose what to say to certain character also helps add to the overall narrative and really make you feel like you are Ara.

Falcon Age is also a fantastic looking game. The world may not be the largest VR world I have ever played in, but the canyons, caves and so on all look fantastic. I think the visual style of the game reminds me of the movie Joh Carter as this place has a very “Mars” kind of vibe to it and that is something that I like a lot.

As great as the story and the presentation is. The first-person gameplay may very well be the best thing about the game. As the name suggests, Falcon Age has you using a falcon. This is one of the best gameplay mechanics I have had the pleasure to use on my PSVR. The falcon can be used to go and get items that are far away and he can be used in combat. Ara can use this powered up baton-like thing, but you can send in the falcon to cause distractions and you work together to take down enemies and solve puzzles. It works very well and is something I had a lot of fun with.

You do build up a bond with the falcon and the game is very clever in how it does this. You see, you can pet and fist bump the falcon which is fun. However, you can also get gear and upgrades as well so you can really make it your own. You can also craft food for you and your falcon which can give you various buffs as you go about your adventure. You play the game with the move controller and I like how you have to put it to your mouth and press the button like you are whistling to call the falcon. Also, you hold your arm out so it has a place to rest which is cool. So, you do need to have Move Controllers to play this so keep that in mind.

I am very, very impressed with Falcon Age. Even more impressive is that this is a first time effort for this studio and they have hit it right out of the park. While it may not get the attention of games like Ghost Giant or Blood & Truth. I think if you are a PlayStation VR fan, you simply have to play this.


The story is amazing and full of twists and turns

The presentation is very well done

You can talk to tons of characters and chose what you say

Working with your falcon is a ton of fun

Combat and exploration are great


You do need Move Controllers to play this

I would love a physical copy to be released