Oculus Go Game Reviews – Face Your Fears VR

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1168200286607832/

When it comes to my Oculus Go, horror is the theme that I have enjoyed the most so far. Horror and VR go together so very, very well and I really to think that Turtle Rock Studios have knocked it out of the park with this game here. If you love horror, to be scared and also want a game to show off to your buddies (and also laugh at their expense) Face Your Fears VR is the game for you.

This is a free to play game, but there are other chapters that you can purchase. I would recommend downloading the free one first, but I do feel that the other chapters are well worth your hard earned money. The first thing you do is that you are on a bed, you are clearly a child. You then have to pick one of three books and these books will shape the kind of fear that you will face.

No matter what one you pick you are in for a real thrill. I was just sitting there in silence waiting for something to happen. A car would go past and fill the room with light which made my heart skip a beat and then I heard a noise coming from the left of me. I so wanted to know what was making that noise, but I was scared to look at the same time. The game was legit scaring me, but it was also a lot of fun.

This is a real experience and the game forces to face your fear! So if you hear that creepy noise coming from a certain direction in the room and just ignore it. It will keep happening and you cannot progress until you have faced your fear. You know the scare is coming, you try to prepare yourself for it, but it still gets you!

There are ghosts, giant spiders, creepy looking kids, evil ladies and a giant robot. There is a great variety to the different “fears” you will face. One that actually surprised me was the robot. He captures you can takes you up a tall building. The sense of height is done very well and I was not prepared for “how real” this would feel. I was sure this would be the least impressive one, but it was much more fun than I thought.

The best one for me though and I will try not to spoil it too much! Was when you are in the kid’s bed and there is something in the closet. I am sure this is a scare or a nightmare we all had when we were children and this game taps into so very well. I was in shock as something came out of the closet and it was also a lot of fun.

A huge part of the appeal for Face Your Fears VR is getting a friend to play it and then watching their reaction. It is even more fun if you do not fully clue them in on what they are about to experience as they play it.

I had a great time with Face Your Fears VR and at the very least I feel that it is worth your time to download the free chapter that you get to play. However, to get the full experience you need to buy the whole packaged, but I do not feel that is a bad thing at all as it is well worth the money.


It really is scary

The presentation is done very well

Fantastic sound design

All kinds of different fears for you to face

It is great watching your friends and family play this


You will need to buy a lot of new underwear!

There are more scenarios on the Gear VR apparently.