Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Cave Digger: Riches

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/1551165681653074

Cave Digger: Riches for the Oculus Quest is a game that at first, I was like “is this it????” but then I played another game, then another and then another! This is one of the most addictive “loot collecting” style of games that you can get for the Oculus Quest and it is a game that I can see myself coming back to time and time again.

Let’s start with the point of the game and that is to get filthy rich. Cave Digger: Riches has an old West kind of setting, but this is a bit of a different Old West than you may be expecting. There are actually a few quests in the game and there are some different endings that you can experience. So, while at first glance, you may think that collecting loot and just going for a high score is all that Cave Digger: Riches has to offer, that is not the case at all. You have a buddy to hang with as well as booze to pound down which is fun.

You are on this train which takes you to where you need to go. I loved this and the sense of “VR” here was very well done. The “main” game starts with you in this mine shaft and you have walls that you can mine. You are on the clock so you have to be fast at mining whatever material is in your way. You collect the loot and send it back via a chute in the middle of the elevator you are on. Once the time is up the elevator will move to the next section. This happens a few times and then you go back to the main part, where you can use the riches you have gathered to upgrade your equipment and get new stuff.

I will admit the first half an hour or so will have you scratching your head asking if this is all the game has. Well, it is and it is not. You see there are some great items you can use. Some of these are very easy to figure out like the pickaxe for example. Then there are others that require a little trial and error and you to screw around to figure out how to get the best out of them. What do you do with the bucket? And what about that weird glove which looks like The Infinity Gauntlet. Cave Digger: Riches does not really give you much guidance when it comes to some of the items and that is something I like. It made me reach out more and try new things rather than just hitting away at what surface was in front of me.

The game plays great on the Oculus Quest, you can easily turn and start bashing away at any of the surfaces and the Quest Controllers work great. The game gives you more of a workout than you would expect. As you are inside this mineshaft for most of the game, you do not actually need a ton of space to play the game and that is something I actually really liked about it.

On the surface, Cave Digger: Riches looks a very shallow kind of game. I can see some people getting bored with this after just 30 minutes or so. For me, I loved trying to get as much loot as I can. Upgrading my gear and getting weird new stuff to use was a lot of fun. As was discovering there was more to this game than just smashing away at some rocks!


The game offers far more than you would think

A nice amount of variety to the surfaces you will be smashing

Collecting loot is very addictive

I liked some of the fun items and upgrades

It works like a charm on the Oculus Quest


I can see many people quitting the game before they “get it”

I do feel it is a tad high priced for what it is