Oculus Go Game Reviews – Catan VR

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Catan VR for the Oculus Go is a great take on the very popular board game of the same name (well not the VR part) it is pretty amazing at how well a boardgame translates to the world of VR. If you are looking for a board game type experience to have with your Oculus Go, Catan VR is certainly a game that needs to be on your radar.

The Story

Catan VR despite being based on a board game does actually have a story that runs alongside it. From what I understand it is pretty much the same deal as what is going on with the boardgame. Anyway, there is an island called Catan and you decide that you are going to settle there.

Other people have this same idea and that is cool and all, but you want the best life possible and that is basically the goal and story of the game. Sure, it is not super deep, but in all honesty,  this is a board game in a VR world.

The Gameplay

As far as board games that make the jump to VR go, Catan works very, very well. I have not spent much time with the actual board game, but the trading, deceiving and dealing with other players is all here and it works very well. The game gives you a great view of the table and it is very easy to see all that is going on. Catan VR has a fantastic tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game and I highly recommend that you spend time with that before you jump into the game.

It has matches that you can play against the AI and this is where I cut my teeth with the game. The AI has been developed in part with the creator of the boardgame so that is cool. It also means that the AI can go from giving you a fair challenging to doing what feels like cheating! Once you feel comfortable enough with the way that the game plays, you can jump in and play with friends online. You can also play with random people which is what I did and it was a good experience. The Oculus Go controller works really well and I never had any kind of tracking issues or stuff like that while playing the game.

The Presentation

Ok, so Catan VR for the Oculus Go is a game that is a VR board game so I will admit that there is only so much that they could do. However, I do like the visual style here, you do actually feel like you are on an island and I did like looking around and seeing some of the fun little details that are here. I like the way each player is represented by a fun mask and how their cards are located in front of them.

Overall, everything is bright and colorful enough and the sound design fits in with the style of the game pretty well. It may not win any awards for the presentation, but it more than gets the job done.

Final Thoughts

I had way more fun with Catan VR on my Oculus Go than I thought I would. I know that when you watch gameplay it looks like it is going to be hard to get into. That is not the case thanks to that fantastic tutorial and the way you can play against the AI. The online multiplayer is fun and something I can see many people getting addicted to.


Oculus Go Game Reviews – Catan VR

Image credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/2027653017260426/

Your Oculus Go is there to give you all kinds of amazing experiences. From climbing Mount Everest, swimming with sharks and fighting Darth Vader with a lightsaber. VR is there to let you do things that you may not be able to do in your real life. So when you hear that there is an Oculus Go game based on the board game of Catan it may make you scratch your head.

The thing is, the Oculus Go is able to recreate what it is like to play a board game perfectly! I thought before I played this “what is the point?” but then I realized that about an hour had passed and I was hooked. So please do not just pass this off as something weird and pointless as Catan VR is a ton of fun.

The idea of Catan is that you are a settler who has come to an uncharted island and this island is now called Catan. The other people who are playing have also discovered this island and you will need to work, trade and deceive in order to be the number one settler on the island. I know that it sounds like Catan is going to be a very complicated game to learn to play, but it is not. This is especially true for this VR version of the game as it has a great tutorial and it is much more interesting than reading the instructions or even worse having one of your buddies poorly read them to you.

One of the things that Catan VR does really well is make you feel like you are on an island. While you are actually playing the board game in VR. The setting is really cool and while this is a game that keeps you on your toes, the setting is quite relaxing.

You can play against the AI which is what I did as I was learning the game. What is really cool about this is that the people who made this game got help from the creator of Catan, Klaus Teuber. No one knows the game better than him and as a result the AI actually gives you a really good game when you play. I found this to be a fun way to learn the basics of the game. I must though admit that the AI can sometimes be really cheap which can be annoying.

The real draw with Catan VR though is the online multiplayer. You can play with people you actually know and this is very easy to set up. Or you can just jump in and play with random people. I managed to always find a game really fast and it was very interesting to see the different skill levels of the opponents you face.

Look I know that playing a board game may not be the most exciting thing to do with your Oculus Go, but Catan VR is actually a lot of fun. It is especially great when you play against another human player and you can match wits. If you are looking for a slightly different game to play with your Oculus VR, Catan VR is well worth taking a look at.


Catan is a fun board game

It is easy to learn

It teaches you how to play very quickly

The presentation is very relaxing

Playing online is a lot of fun


The AI can be cheap

8 bucks is a little steep for a VR board game