11 Things You Should Never Ask or Say to Your Boyfriend

During childhood, one of the main lessons that is drilled into our heads over and over again is the importance of honesty. As we get older, that morphs into “keeping it real”. But, there are certain things that should be kept to ourselves, especially in the confines of a relationship. Read on for 11 things that you should avoid saying to your boyfriend or asking him about.

#1. “My family thinks I can do better.”

Many men have suffered through a relationship where they have desperately sought the approval of their girlfriend’s family, only to come up empty each time. There’s a very good your boyfriend has tried as hard as he can to win them over, but can’t get over the hump for reasons beyond his control.
This is probably a sore spot for him, so poking at it does no good for either of you and will undoubtedly lead to arguments.