PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Beat Saber

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Beat Saber on PlayStation VR is a game that I have spent a lot of time with. Actually, I have spent a ton of time with the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go versions of Beat Saber too and I always have a great time. This PSVR version we are looking at today is a truly great game and one that is a really essential purchase if you have a PSVR setup.

One thing that I have to make clear right away is that Beat Saber on the PS4 requires not just the PSVR headset, you MUST have the PlayStation Move controllers as well. This is a game that does not support the DualShock 4 in any way. Before you start complaining. I must admit that I do not actually think that Beat Saber would work or at least be as much fun as it is if you did play with a standard controller.

So, what is the point in Beat Saber? Well, the idea is that you have two sabers in your hand. Each one is a different color and the idea is that you need to slash these boxes that are hurtling towards you in time to the song. While in theory, this sounds like something that is very easy. It is actually quite challenging as the boxes will have arrows on them and this dictates the way you need to slash them. This along with walls, boxes moving on you and so on makes for a frantic and challenging experience.

Beat Saber is one of the most addictive games on the PSVR. It comes with a ton of great songs for you to play with, but there are some DLC packs you can purchase. I have not purchased any of the PSVR DLC packs and still feel that there are more than enough songs for you to play with. There is a fun “campaign” and you can make songs harder, use just one saber and so on as well.

One thing that I really love about Beat Saber is the presentation. Not only is the soundtrack awesome and gets you pumped up. I love the light show that you get with each song you do as it makes you feel like you are a conductor at some epic concert. It looks amazing and so far, I would not really say that there is any difference in the visuals of any of the versions of Beat Saber I have played. What is kind of different though is the controls.

Beat Saber for the PlayStation VR is a great game and when it works it works flawlessly. However, I have had control issues with this version of Beat Saber that I have not with the others. Some times it is like one of the controllers will freak out and go all crazy, turning the Move Controller off and back on does usually fix this. Still, it is annoying when it happens, especially when you want to just have a quick session.

I think that Beat Saber for PSVR is a fantastic game. The controller issues happen less frequently than my complaining may have suggested to be fair. I really do think that this is a game that all PSVR owners need to check out as it really is an awesome time!


The game has an amazing soundtrack

Plenty of songs are included with the base package

The visuals are awesome

It is one of the most addictive PSVR games

You can alter the challenge to suit your skill level


The PS Move Controllers can freak out on you

I wish they would add more “free” songs

Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Beat Saber

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I consider myself something of an expert at Beat Saber! I say this as I have spent hours with both the Oculus Rift version and the PlayStation VR version of the game. So I was more than excited to see if being fully wireless with the Oculus Quest version of Beat Saber would make any difference.

Beat Saber is one of the biggest VR hits across all the platforms it has been released on. I am going to start this review by saying that I think this might actually be my favorite version of Beat Saber I have played out of the three that I have personally spent time with! The Oculus Quest is all about having a wireless VR experience and while I thought it would not make much difference to a game like Beat Saber, it actually does.

For those of you that do not know what Beat Saber is, let me tell you. This is a rhythm game where you have two laser swords (sabers) and you need to slash these boxes in time to the music. It sounds like such a simple premise, but I promise you this is one of the most addictive games you will ever play. You have a saber in each hand, one red and one blue. Boxes will come towards you and you have to slash at the right boxes with the right saber.

For example, you use the red saber to slash the red boxes. The twist is that certain boxes will have an arrow on them indicating what direction they need to be slashed! Also, there can be walls that come your way, forcing you to physically move so you do not hit them. I know full well how simple Beat Saber sounds, but this can be one very, very challenging game. Part of what makes it great is that when you fail, you want to have one more try to see if you can beat that song!

There is a great selection of songs to choose from in the standard version of the game and there are also song packs that you can buy. I have not purchased any additional content for the Oculus Question version of Beat Saber and I feel that there are more than enough songs here to justify the asking price. I have also read that they plan to take advantage of the wireless nature of the Oculus Quest by introducing levels that require you to fully turn around! This sounds awesome and certainly something I will be taking part in.

The presentation of Beat Saber is fantastic. Of course, the music is great, but the visuals are also a real treat. They have a kind of Tron vibe to them and I think it is really cool how there are all these different laser-like effects in the background as you play. These not only look cool; they are there to try and sneakily distract you from paying attention to the oncoming boxes. Beat Saber does have different difficulties and trying to get the best score possible on each song on each of its difficulties is going to keep you very busy.

Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest plays like a charm. The tracking is great (actually better than it is on the PSVR that is for sure) and I never once missed a beat due to a “technical” issue. Not having wires coming from the headset actually makes a huge difference and to me, it makes playing the game a much more fun and immersive experience.

I really cannot praise Beat Saber highly enough. Even if you have played this on another device, I would still recommend getting it for the Oculus Quest. Heck, I have three versions of this game and I do not regret it one bit! It is a game that is very easy to enjoy, but it is very hard to master.


A tremendous soundtrack

Lots of fun to play

The Quest being wireless makes a huge difference

Plenty of songs to choose from

Some great content is inline for the coming year!


It is very addictive

It would have been cool had the new content been ready for launch