Oculus Go Game Reviews – Augmented Empire

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1363125447085111/

As someone who is not usually a fan of real time strategy games, I was not sure that Augmented Empire on the Oculus Go would be a game for me. Well, I saw the first trailer and I was sucked right in because the story looked so interesting. So, I was hopeful that my desire to experience this story would be enough to make me get better at this type of game.

The Story

This is what made me want to play Augmented Empire in the first place. I am going to try an be careful here as I do not want to spoil the story for you guys. It is a sci-fi kind of story and something that has a real dystopian future kind of thing going on. In the future, you either have a fantastic life, full of the latest technology and luxuries. Or you can have a tough life, living in a slum and just trying to get by.

The reason for this is that in this future there is something called, The Citizen Grading System which dictates what kind of life you get to live. This “system” is as corrupt as it comes and is really just used to keep certain people down. A group of people are sick of this and have decided to rise up and put a stop to this unfair treatment. Seriously this story is a lot of fun and one that I really got invested in.

The Gameplay

This is what really worried me about Augmented Empire. I was not sure I would be able to get into it. I tend to struggle with games like this, but Augmented Empire eased me in very gently. I like the way that you are viewing the game as if you are the camera and the way your guys all talk to each other helped keep me invested into what was going on. This is a rather basic real time strategy game and one that I did enjoy, but I do feel that some people may find it too basic and easy.

You can play the game just with your head which is neat. You just look at what you want to do and then do it. This goes for actually doing something or attacking. It does have controller support, but it is rather limited. While I enjoyed what I was doing here (mainly because it was so simple) I did wonder why this needed to be on the Oculus Go as there is not much “VR” about it if I am honest.

The Presentation

Augmented Empire looks like a million bucks. Seriously the cut scenes have some excellent animation and the various areas that you will be fighting in all have a nice level of detail to them. For a game that only costs around five bucks, I am very, very impressed with how good this looks. I think that the good looks do also help move the story along as they help you get more invested in this world.

The sound is excellent. I already talked about how your characters will chat with each other. I love when stuff like this is in games as it makes the world feel more real. The voice acting is great and even includes Nick Frost who you probably remember as the fat dude from Shaun of the Dead.

Final Thoughts

For me personally, Augmented Empire is exactly what I want in a real time strategy style game. It is very easy to get to grips with, it does not have too many things for you to do and it features a tremendous story. On the flip side of this I must say that for hardcore RTS players, it may seem rather basic. Still, I do think that the story is strong enough that you will want to play it to the end.