Oculus Go Game Reviews – Augmented Empire

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1363125447085111/

Let me tell you I am a sucker for anything that is set in a kind of messed up future that has a cyberpunk style. I saw the trailer for Augmented Empire a little while back and the first trailer did not even show gameplay, but because of the style, I was in.

Set a few decades into the future. The world that Augmented Empire is set in is not one that is exactly great. Well, it is if you are one of the people who is part of the “high society” who gets to live it up with all the latest technology and in general have a very nice lifestyle.

There are others though who are not so lucky who are forced to live in slums and in general have a hard life all because of something called the Citizen Grade System which is what is used to keep certain citizens in their place. You are part of a team that is trying to give hope to those that the high society has deemed not worthy. The story is awesome, one of the most fun cyberpunk type stories I have encountered in a while. What really makes the story great is the voice acting. It is top tier all the way and even features Nick Frost who I have always enjoyed.

The gameplay is that of a strategic style game. You move your head around and point at what you want to interact with, attack, do, go and so on. It is very easy to control and the areas that you will be fighting in are never too large. There is no exploration or anything like that here and I found it to be very easy to get into.

Now that is where the game is either going to win you over or not. I am usually horrible at these types of strategy games, heck I even found Mario + Rabbids on the Switch a bit much. With that being said, I do actually like how straightforward Augmented Empire is. There may not be a ton of options for you for each of the 26 missions. Yet you can do different things enough so that there is some replayability here. Also, the six different characters that make up your team each feel like individuals and that is something I always really like.

I did have a lot of fun with Augmented Empire and that is coming from someone who does tend to struggle with these types of game. While I loved the art style and the cyberpunk presentation that they went for. I do have to question why this is a game that needs the Oculus Go? The idea that you are looking through a camera is great, but to be fair I feel that this is the kind of game that could work just as easily on a phone with touch controls or even on a game console with a controller. Speaking of which, this does have controller support, but not for moving or anything like that, just for the action button.

Augmented Empire is a game that I had a lot of fun with. I think that is mainly due to the story, setting and the voice acting. I liked how the gameplay was tactical, but it was straightforward enough that I did not feel overwhelmed with things to do. On the flip side of this for hardcore tactical/strategy game fans, this may make Augmented Empire seem a little easy. Still, at five bucks, Augmented Empire is well worth checking out, especially if you love sci-fi stories in your games.


The presentation is very slick

I loved the story and voice acting

Cyberpunk setting

Great cast of characters

Easy to get into


Might be a bit easy for some

Not sure this needed to be a VR game