Oculus Go Game Reviews – Anshar Wars 2

image credit https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1055884201113004/ 

Here we have a game that is one of the main reasons you want to have an Oculus Go! Anshar Wars 2 is the follow up from the original high score shooter fest, Anshar Wars, but this one is kicking things up several notches.

Before you download Anshar Wars 2 you will notice that it is a rather hefty download that is over half a GB in size. The reason for this is that the game is packed! This is one very nice looking game with great looking spaceships and environments and the characters and voice acting are much improved as well. This is one very nice looking game and a great way to show off the power of your device.

You actually start Anshar Wars 2 off with a tutorial level which is pretty neat. It teaches you the basics while you are defending a mothership from attack. This is what you had to do in the first game and rack up a high score while doing it. Anshar Wars 2 though adds more to each level but adding in different objectives that you have to complete. You still are going for a high score, but there is much more meat to the game this time around.

There is a single player campaign and it is actually very well made. The story is well done and if you are into sci-fi, you will certainly get a kick out of it. Each level gets progressively harder and the different objectives and challenges each one throws your way will test your skills. One of the best things about Anshar Wars 2 campaign is that you never know what it is going to throw your way. The problem is that the campaign is way too short! You are getting right into it, having a great time and it is over. There is some replayability thanks to the high score leaderboards, but if they had three or four more levels that would have been the sweet spot.

The way that you handle your spacecraft in Anshar Wars 2 is pretty simple. One of the best things they have added is that if you tilt your head quickly you can do a barrel roll. You can play with a controller if you want, but I feel that it loses a bit of its immersion with that. The controls are nice and tight and you will pick them up in no time at all.

One thing that they should have kept from the original Anshar Wars is the multiplayer mode. To be fair the multiplayer mode was not exactly robust, but it would have added a lot to Anshar Wars 2. With how much they have improved the single player content, you have to imagine they would have done a great job with multiplayer too.

With fantastic graphics and presentation and some very tight space flight controls. Anshar Wars 2 shows how good a VR shooter can be when it is made by the right people. If you never played the first game, give it a miss and jump right into the sequel. This is a fantastic game and one that every Oculus Go owner needs to have in their game library. From just the images and the video trailers, you would be forgiven for thinking this is a AAA title on one of the major consoles.


Great looking graphics

Very well written sci-fi storyline

Gameplay is nice and tight

Lots of missions for you to do

Improves on the first game in every way


A few more levels would have been awesome

No multiplayer content


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