Oculus Go Game Reviews – Annie Amber

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Annie Amber is the latest game from the creator of the amazing, Mind: Path to Thalamus which was truly breathtaking. Well this follow up game, Annie Amber is also amazing, but do not think of this as a “game”. Annie Amber is best described as an experience… and experience that is going to stick with you for many days after you have played through it.

This is a first-person game and it makes great use of the Oculus Go. The idea is that you go through the life of Annie Amber. What makes this rather interesting is that the game is set in an almost dream-like scape that happens to be in outer space and on all kinds of different planets. It is very trippy stuff and even though there is no spoken dialogue, the game grips you in a way that many other games struggle to do.

You go from place to place, point a to point b learning more about Annie Amber and her life as you do. There are different objects you can interact with and scenes that play out which flesh her out even more. Experiencing her memories of holidays, love, loss, fear and so on is quite powerful stuff indeed. The thing with Annie Amber is that it is very hard to talk about without spoiling what the “endgame” is. I really do believe that the less you know about Annie Amber the more of an impact it will have as you play it.

While the game is more about exploration and discovery. It does have a few puzzles that you will need to solve as you progress through Annie Ambers memories. This is done quite well. It gives you just enough “gameplay” to keep things interesting. However, at the same time, these puzzles are never too difficult that you lose interest or get frustrated or even start to get sick of Annie!

I would describe the game in the same vein as something like Lands End or What Remains of Edith Finch. Where it is all about the journey and not so much about what you are doing as you play the game. I will say that I fully do understand that Annie Amber is not a game that is for everyone. Yet for those of us, that like games which really pull on the heartstrings will really get a whole lot from this game.

One thing that I have forgotten to mention is just how good this game looks. There is a lot of variety to the different memories that you will be experiencing and the whole game has a high level of polish to it. I think the way the game handles sound is also great and music kicks in just at the right time.

I really could not be any more impressed with Annie Amber. It is a rather short game; however, this is an experience that is going to stick with you for a very long time. I know some will look at the price tag and think that it is a little high for a game like this, but I must disagree. This is one of the most memorable experiences I have had with my Oculus Go and I cannot recommend it highly enough.


A breathtaking story

A very memorable experience

Some fantastic visuals

The ending will stick with you for a long time

One of the best experiences I have had in ages


Not for everyone

Not much replay value