10 Signs that you are in love

I don’t think there is any better feel than being in love with someone. Every person falls in love with someone special at least once in a lifetime. Often people know it and often they consider it just an attraction. Well, probably you may know that love offers many signs to realize us that we like someone. People, who recognize these signs, they accept it and propose to their someone special. If you are confused about your feelings and you are trying to realize that you are in love or not, see below given signs. These signs are those signs, which indicate you are in love with someone. So, check it friends to know your feelings in much better.
Am I in love
1- You cannot concentrate on your work:

When you continuously think about any person, you consider their good things and feel better by thinking about them, it is love. Such incidents occur in our only when we are in love. If you are also facing same situations and facing problems in concentrating on your work, then you are falling in love with someone. In love, we forget to do every other thing and just think about a person to whom we like.

2- You’ve suddenly become Donna Reed:

If you are now caring about keeping your room cleaned and bringing cookies and other things for your classmates, then you are falling in love. Only in love, people start taking care of their self and other people. In such situation, people think to keep every person happy, and their space clean so that they can impress to others. If you are doing the same, then you are in love. Get the reason of your wellness and express your feels to get more pleasure in your life.

3- People say you’re glowing:

When you are in love, you become a different personality for others completely. You always stay happy and also try to keep other persons happy. In such situation compliments from your colleagues and friends are common. They will surely say you that you are glowing now. They will realize changes in your gesture and always ask you that what is changed in your life. You can proudly say that you are in love now.

4- You will wait for someone special to see every day in your class:

It is the most common sign of love. When you are in love, you don’t take an interest in your class or work if your loved person has not arrived there. You wait and try to find reasons, why he or she has not come. You feel anxiety and bad mood problems in such conditions. It simply indicates you that you are in love now. Day by day you will become addicted of such feelings. You will go to your school and college only, when that person will come you otherwise will avoid going. It happens only in love, and you should accept it.

5- You will feel jealous:

It is another biggest sign that you are in love with someone. If a person, to which you like, is going out with someone else and not asking you, you will naturally feel jealous. You will not accept it at any cost because you love him/her. When you get attention of that person, you will feel on the top of the world, but when the next person avoids you, you will feel bad. It happens only in love, and you should recognize it on time.

6- You will miss their presence:

If your parents are taking you out on any good location and offering you a good trip, then you will say no to go. In addition, if you will go without taking care of your feelings, you will surely miss that person, when you will go out. It regularly happens when you are in love. As you will come back, then first of all you will try to contact that person and meet him/her.

7- You forget to eat:

When you are in love, eating and drinking all seems like nothing for the life. You will only need a thing, and that is your love mate. If you will be with him/her, then you will love to eat food and take some drinks. Without that person, everything will become difficult to do because you are in love. You should realize this sign and then try to express your feeling. It is how you can take care of you and your heart.

8- There will be a huge smile on your face always:

In love, we feel very special and better than before. It brings a huge smile on our face. Check the mirror and check your facial expression. If you are in love, you will see yourself always smiling. It happens commonly in love because we always feel cheer in such time. Not only us, other people also recognize our expressions and say us that we are in love.

9- You feel problem in talking straight to that person:

If you are in love with someone, you will surely avoid talking straight with that person. Because you love to that person, whenever he or she will come to you, you will try to go any other place and watch your friendly one from that place. It is what happens, when you are in love. Often teens feel scary in accepting their feeling. Well, I know that how direful it is, but once you will express your love the other person will also start thinking about you. Thus, you will get your loving relationship start.

10- You can’t sleep:

In love, we continuously think about someone in the night. After all effort’s also efforts also we can’t stop thinking about them. If the same thing is happening with you, then realize that you are in love. Don’t think it is a problem of insomnia, , it is love, and you should accept it. Propose to that person and explain what you are feeling about him/her.