Oculus Go Game Reviews – Along Together

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Along Together for the Oculus Go is one of the most charming and surprising games that I have played in some time. Sometimes, you will play a game and you just know that you are playing something special. However, you also know that this is a game that is sadly going to be ignored by the masses even though it is offering something truly special and memorable.

The Story

I really do not think that the storytelling in Along Together is Oscar-winning stuff, however, the premise certainly got me invested. There is this young child and their beloved dog has gone missing! As a pet lover, I knew I would travel to heaven and hell to get this dog back! Anyway, the actual story may not be amazing, but the premise I feel is far stronger than the story.

Now you may think that you will be playing as the kid, but actually, you playing in the role of the imaginary friend of the kid. I found this to be a very clever and rather unique idea. Usually, you play as the character and are accompanied by a friend, beast or whatever so for you to be actually playing this role instead is rather cool.

The Gameplay

I would say that the best way to describe the gameplay of Along Together on the Oculus Go is that of a puzzle game. Playing as the imaginary friend of the child as you try to rescue their dog. You will need to help this brave kid navigate this strange and sometimes scary world. You do this by moving objects in the game world so that they can get from point a to b. You can pull a rope for them or give them a helping hand in many other ways. It is really cool and fun stuff and none of the puzzles were too hard to figure out.

Along Together does have an extra challenge in the form of lost toys. These are toys that other children have lost in this land and you can collect them all up to put in your treehouse. I really liked this idea as I feel it pads the gameplay out in a very fun way, but getting some of these toys is rather challenging and makes for a great extra challenge for those who find the main game a tad easy.

The Presentation

I really do like the art style that they have gone for with Along Together. The game has a very Saturday morning cartoon kind of vibe and given the story and the premise I find that this art style fits perfectly well. They have not gone super in-depth with finer details and as a result, this makes the world pop just a little more as they have used bright colors.

The animations are fun and in general, the whole game has a really nice polish to it. The soundtrack that the game has is not groundbreaking stuff. However, I do feel that it fits in with the tone and style of the game very, very well.

Final Thoughts

I will admit that like most people, Along Together for the Oculus Go seemed to me like it was going to be a game for kids. This is not the case at all and it is a game that is really suitable for people of all ages, especially those of us who love dogs. It is a charming and adorable game and one of the most underrated games you can get for the Oculus Go.


Oculus Go Game Reviews – Along Together

image credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/1585261441509589/

A missing dog is all the motivation I need to get my butt in gear and get to work! In all seriousness, I was not expecting much from Along Together, but this has proven to be one of the most charming, magical and memorable experiences I have had with my Oculus Go in quite some time. I have to say this right away, despite what you may think, Along Together is not a game that is just for kids.

The premise of the game is that you are playing the role of an imaginary friend and you need to help a child find their lost dog. Playing as an imaginary friend is a very interesting take. I can think of a million games where you have a character or creature accompanying you, but for you to be playing this role yourself is really neat and interesting.

The child that you are helping is a typical child and while they are brave they need your help to navigate this tricky world. Speaking of the world, I cannot be the only person who gets a bit of a Legend of Zelda Wind Waker vibe from the locations in this game can I? Anyway, the child will call to you for help and you can then interact with the world around them. This can be something like pushing a large block so that the child can move to a new area, pulling a rope so that they can use an elevator, pushing them along a river and so on.

At its core, I would say that Along Together is a puzzle game and that figuring out how to manipulate the environment to not just keep the child safe, but also help them progress on their journey to save their dog is what it is all about. I really like the way the game makes you feel like you are invisible to everyone, but the child. As I said this is a really cool idea and one that I cannot recall seeing much before.

As well as traversing through the game, trying to save the kids dog. There are lots of toys that are scattered around this world, left by kids who came before. You can find these and collect them and then the child can play with them in the treehouse. I actually really like this as it gives you something extra to do and sometimes you can see a toy and think it will be easy to go and get, only to then have your brain really tested as you try to figure out how to get to it.

I am having a hard time thinking of a game that surprised me as Along Together did. At face value, I feel many people will ignore this thinking it is just for kids. The beauty of it is though is that this is a fun game no matter if you are 7, 17 or even 37 like I am! There were a few technical issues and glitches, but nothing game breaking and I am sure it will be addressed with a future update. Speaking of future, I would love there to be some DLC or a sequel to this game as it was that much fun.


Lovely art style

Charming story

Saving dogs is cool

Playing as an imaginary friend is very interesting

Puzzles can be very tricky


There are a few technical issues

Too many people will pass this game by!