PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Ace Combat 7

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Ace Combat 7 was a game I was very excited for. I have a history with this series. In 1995 I got a PlayStation for my 15th birthday. Tekken, Ridge Racer, Mortal Kombat 3 and Air (Ace) Combat were the games that I got. I was not interested in Ace Combat at first, but it won me over so much I became a hardcore fan of the series. This latest game includes some special PlayStation VR missions so I was doing barrel rolls I was so excited to play it.

Let me start by saying that in its own right Ace Combat 7 is an amazing game, even before we get to the VR stuff. I love the over the top campaign and flying around at the speed of sound blasting anything that gets in my way is something I have a great deal of fun with. The point I am trying to make here is that even without the VR missions, Ace Combat 7 is a game that is well worth picking up.

But this is a review for the PlayStation VR content so let’s focus on that. The whole game is not actually playable in VR. Instead, we have three missions for you to play through. Look I know that three missions to play does not sound like a lot, but when you take in all the different difficulty levels into consideration and how much fun these missions are. I feel that there is easily 2-3 hours of content here. Which when you consider that these VR missions are a “bonus” is pretty darn awesome.

Being inside the cockpit of the jets is really cool. The buttons look amazing and it can be rather daunting the first time you look around. I like how the different jets have different looking cockpits. Thankfully this is not a sim game, it is more of an arcade one and the controls as a result are rather easy to get the hang of. You play the game with the DualShock 4 and I had no trouble at all with the controls. Moving your head around is fun and it does make you feel like you are Maverick (or Goose if you prefer) from Top Gun.

I can see some people getting a little motion sick, but I never felt this way once. I think it is because I was so into the game. The three missions that they have you doing are quite different. The first mission is really just teaching you the basics. The second mission has you working against a timer, this is my least favorite as that timer is very strict. The third mission is just all-out war and it is awesome! I like how there is a nice variety to the enemy air and ground vehicles that you have to destroy and also how there is a lot of variety to the areas you are flying in from a forest to a clear blue sky.

I know this may be a bold statement to make, but I will have Ace Combat 7 on my game of the year list. This is even before we consider the VR content! As far as Ace Combat 7 VR goes, I think it is a lot of fun. I like how all three of the missions are different and flying a plane in VR works very well and it did make me feel like I was in an intense aerial battle. Without a doubt, PSVR owners need this in their collection!


As far as add on content goes you get a lot here

Different difficulty levels to try

The game looks amazing!

You actually feel like you are flying

Each mission feels different


You might get motion sick

I do wish the timer was not so strict