PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Trover Saves The Universe

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As soon as I found out that Trover Saves The Universe was brought to us from the mind that brought us, Rick and Morty, I knew I was in. While you may be expecting this game to be a similar kind of game to the Rick and Morty game that was released for the PlayStation VR. This is a very different kind of game and I would say that it has more in common with a good old 3rd person action/beat em up style game than it does a VR game.

The story of the game is hilarious and actually something that you could totally imagine being in a Rick and Morty game. Basically, you have had your two precious dogs stolen by this jerk called Glorkon who is kind of like a big ugly chicken. You call in Trover to help you out who is this strange purple dude. Trover may not want to be a hero, but he will be one! Sure, he may complain the whole time, but with you controlling him, you can save the day, get your dogs back and maybe not screw up the lives of too many folks in the process.

The presentation of Trover Saves The Universe is great. I like how bright and colorful everything looks and it very much has that “Rick and Morty” style when it comes to its visuals. Many of the places that you go, you could easily imagine being places that Rick and Morty end up after something they have planned goes wrong. The voice acting is what really makes this game stand out. While each character you come across has something to say, it is Trover and his “commentary” in regards to what is going on that really makes this.

You play this with the standard Dual Shock 4 controller and it works great. You have full control over what Trover does and he plays very, very well. There is a lot of combat here with both melee and shooting and you also have some platforming and a few light puzzles to take care of too. Some might argue the fact that this really does not need to be a VR game and I must say, I think this could work just as well as a “normal” game. However, you really do feel immersed in this world and sometime sit is great to play what feels like a more traditional game on the PSVR. You can play it on your TV, but I liked the immersion the PSVR gave me.

You can learn new abilities and get upgrades as you play which is neat. I really like how when you have the best of interests at heart. Just like what happens in Rick and Morty, things can go wrong and you end up making things worse. Thanks to using the Dual Shock 4 instead of Move Controller, you will not have any trouble when it comes to Trover doing what you actually want him to do.

I had a great time with Trover Saves The Universe and think it is a real stand out game. It has that same kind of humor that we all love about Rick and Morty. I also feel that as an actual video game. This is way more fun than you would think. It is very well made and I have played through it a couple of times and had a great time when I did.


The voice acting and the writing are excellent

The overall presentation is fantastic

Lots of interesting and weird characters to interact with

You can get interesting upgrades as you progress

The way the game breaks the 4th wall is great


If you do not like the humor of Rick and Morty this is not for you

It is not really a “full” VR game

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