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Superhot is one of those games that I own on multiple systems and Superhot VR for the PSVR is a must-own game for Sony’s VR headset. If you love clever shooters that have a ton of personality as well as the ability to make you feel like an ultimate badass, you will struggle to find a game better than Superhot VR!

The idea of Superhot VR is very simple. You are a guy and you want to live, but there are others who want you dead. Each section of the game is its own contained area and you are tasked with taking down the hostiles before they manage to do it to you. The “gimmick” of Superhot is that enemies move when you move. So, if you stand still, you do not have to worry as their bullets and themselves will not cause a problem. It is kind of like an extreme version of bullet time.

Each level will give you ways to take down the hostiles that want you dead. The most common way is with a gun, you pick up the gun and shoot away. Once the ammo is all gone, you can throw the gun! There are other things that you can throw at them too and there are also ways you can use the environment to your advantage too. You can even flat out punch people to death if they get too close.

The best thing to do is try and take notice of how many hostiles there are before you move. Then you can try and come up with a plan on how to take them out. Just one misplaced shot can cause major problems for you so make sure you pay attention. I find that when I die (and you will die a great deal) that you always learn a little something that you can use next time you try to take the bad guys down.

Superhot VR on the PlayStation VR is a lot of fun. You have to use PS Move Controllers with the game as there is no DualShock 4 support. I found that the Move Controllers worked very well for the most part, but I will warn you that you need to have plenty of room to play this game. In my game room, we have a couch and I had to actually move it back as there were occasions where the arms of the couch would get in the way when I would have to reach down low to pick up a gun.

For me, Superhot VR is a must-own kind of game for the PlayStation VR. The thing about this game is that it is very hard to actually describe to people. Even in screenshots and videos, you do not get a sense of how much fun the game is until you actually play it. It can be picked up for dirt cheap so there is no excuse not to add this to your collection.


It makes you feel like a real badass

Plenty of stages to play through

Very clever use of bullet time

Some of the levels are very challenging and clever

It can be found very cheaply


PS Move Controllers are required

You need plenty of space to play it properly

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