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One of the games that I have spent a lot of time with on my PlayStation VR is Moss. I really like it when a VR game manages to offer pretty much what a standard game does, but adds a bit of a VR twist to it. Right off the bat, I am going to state that if you have a PlayStation VR, Moss is a game that simply has to be in your collection.

I had seen trailers for Moss before it was released, but I was very surprised at how into the story I got. The story is about a young female mouse called Quill. She wants more out of life and then one day, boy does she get it! In the forest, this ancient magic returns and as a result her uncle is at death’s door and only she can save him and the rest of the forest. The story is told in a kind of storybook way and it is very, very effective. I know it does not sound great, but trust me this is game has way more of an interesting story than you would expect.

You have direct control over Quill like you would any other character in a 3rd person action game. However, the PSVR comes into play as you can look all around each section that you are in. this is really cool as sometimes, I found myself at a complete loss at what the heck I was supposed to do. Only to stand up, look over a wall and see that I could make Quill go that way. It is very clever and subtle stuff that makes this a fantastic VR experience.

Controlling Quill is great, Moss is a game that only uses the DualShock 4, so you do not need Move Controllers. I think this is the right decision and the controls are very tight and responsive. Quill can run, jump, fight and interact with the environment. I can honestly say that I never had any kind of trouble with the controls. Some times the view is a little far out, but that is a minor criticism at most.

Quill can not only use her sword to put a beating on forest creatures! She can also use it to do stuff like chop down vines and things that are in her way. Speaking of this, part of Moss, sees you having to directly interact with the environment in order to make it so Quill can get past. This once again is a very clever use of VR and the game does it so very well.

Presentation-wise, Moss is a wonderful looking game. It is the kind of game that from screenshots or videos it really does not seem like anything that is all that special. However, when you are in this world and you can see all the details and how varied this forest world actually is. It really is very impressive and if anything, I do wish that the game let me explore this very interesting world just a little bit more.

Without a doubt, Moss for the PlayStation VR is a must buy kind of game. It has so much going for it that any negatives that I do state are nitpicking at best! It is a true joy to play and one of the more memorable games I have had the pleasure to play for the PSVR. This is certainly a game you need to add to your PlayStation VR collection right now!


The story is far more interesting than you would think

Excellent controls that are easy to learn

The combat is genuinely very exciting

Some puzzles are rather tricky and clever

The game is actually longer than you would think


Sometimes the view is a little far out

I do wish you could explore a little more

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