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I think that Ghost Giant could very well be my favorite PlayStation VR game of 2019. Actually, it could be one of my favorite games in general! That is the kind of impact that the game had on me. What looks like a little cutesy kind of game from all of the trailers is actually far deeper than you would probably think.

The main character in the game is a small child (who is also a cat) called, Louis LaFleur. He looks super cute, but this is a kid who has been forced to grow up faster than a child should! He lives on a family farm and he has to work and do chores that no kid his age should have to do. As you play the game you learn more about the family dynamic he has and the town he lives in.

Let me tell you, Ghost Giant deals with some rather intense kind of themes. It looks gorgeous and is like a storybook that has come to life. However, while it can make you smile at its cuteness it is also in places a sad and heartbreaking kind of tale and once I finished the game it really stuck with me for a while. It is kind of amazing that they were able to take these cutesy characters and setting and make such an impactful story with it. With this in mind, Ghost Giant might not actually be a game that is ideal for kids.

You do not actually play as little Louis. Instead, you play as Ghost Giant! You are his buddy and you want to help him out. The game is basically a puzzle game where you need to move objects, press buttons and interact with the world in order to make Louis life easier. In all honesty as a puzzle game, Ghost Giant is not going to test you to the extreme, but the puzzles are rather clever and they do make sense.

A huge part of the game I liked was how much stuff you can interact with. When you get to zoom into a person’s house, being able to see all their stuff is actually really cool. Speaking of “a person’s house” it is like this world just goes on around you and that is something I thought was really, really cool and very well done actually. The world of Ghost Giant is one that I actually wish I had a bit more freedom to explore.

Ghost Giant for the PSVR does require that you have Move Controllers. I found, for the most part, they worked pretty well, but the game is designed to be played with you sitting down. Sometimes though I wanted to turn right around to explore a particular location the Move Controllers will lose sight of the camera and then the PSVR acts all weird. To be fair, this is not so much a problem with Ghost Giant, but more a problem with the PSVR Move Controllers.

I absolutely adore this game and found it to be one of the most memorable VR experiences I have had in 2019. It is a must-own game for the PSVR and I have noticed that many stores are selling the physical version of this game for dirt cheap these days so there is no excuse.


I loved the story of the game

It is far more “mature” than the cute art style suggests

Playing as the Ghost Giant is kind of cool

The world you are in feels alive

The game looks fantastic


Maybe a bit mature in its story for younger kids

I wish I could have explored a bit more

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